Kid Cudi Loses Temper At ‘WZRD’ Listening Party

Kid Cudi’s self-imposed nickname of Mr. Rager has definitely been a well-earned one as of late. While at a NYC listening party for his WZRD collaboration with Dot Da Genius, Cudder became enraged when the crowd couldn’t keep from talking during a Q&A, which resulted in him cursing everyone out — and eventually leaving the stage.

After playing the full album for the small gathering, Cudi began a Q&A session. With a full room full of people, not to mention the party atmosphere and alcohol being served, it was nearly impossible to demand total silence, but the rapper grew angry when he didn’t get it.

“You guys are so full of shit, whoever’s talking, you’re so full of shit and I fuckin’ hate you… I’ll snuff you!” said Cudi. “I’m not a fucking substitute teacher. I’m not the principal of a school… I just hear bitches.”

He continued to take questions, but he couldn’t keep from being annoyed at the side conversations taking place in the crowd.

“When two individuals who are putting their life out there through song, and they ask for your attention, you [the listeners] give it to them! You came here for a purpose… to hear our music, so fucking listen to it because we’re trying to educate you on what we’re doing… it’s as simple as that!”

Many attendees began to applaud his statement, but Cudi cut them short. “Don’t clap… A lot of people think I’m an asshole, but whatever, think what you want! This is what keeps me alive, making these songs, so fuck you if you can’t listen while I’m playing them!” He then hen dropped the mic to the floor and stormed off.

This incident comes a month after Cudi knocked over stage equipment when his set was cut short at the Heatwave Music Festival in Melbourne. “If my set is EVER cut short at any show, im trashing the stage,” Cudder blogged following the drama. “Not out of anger, it takes a lot to get me furious nowadays, but out of principle.”

We can’t say we totally agree that it takes “a lot” to get him “furious nowadays”, unless putting up with a noisy crowd at a listening party counts as “a lot”.

Do you think Cudi’s outrage was warranted, or should he learn how to cool down and keep professional? Voice your opinions below, or on Facebook, Twitter.

[Via Hip-Hop Wired]