Whatcha Say: Chris Brown And ‘The National Enquirer’ Got Readers Heated

This week, readers reflected on their personal code of ethics when Chris Brown and Rihanna’s two remix collaborations, “Birthday Cake” and “Turn Up The Music,” hit the web and pro-wrestler CM Punk took Breezy to task on Twitter. Plus, The National Enquirer put a photo of Whitney Houston in an open casket, causing a backlash not only in the media, but in our comments section as well.

:: Garrett expressed disdain upon hearing the full-length, Chris Brown-featuring version of Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake“: “This is awful!!!! I hate this!!! I am a massive Rihanna fan! I have all 6 of her albums and have seen her in concert 3 times including twice on the Loud Tour, and now I’m done. I am so upset!!!! He is awful, this is terrible!!!!”

:: Cliff, on the other hand, turned into a fan: “Ok, I’m not a fan of Chris Brown at all, but the song is actually pretty catchy. What happened between Rihanna and Chris Brown is only between them, and if they have moved past it then the public should too.”

:: Justin M. doesn’t agree with these collaboration shenanigans: “While I totally understand that Rihanna’s personal life is HER personal life….that doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for her to flaunt her rekindled relationship with Chris Brown to the world like this. It’s COMPLETELY disrespectful to her fans (who supported her all throughout the domestic abuse drama) and it sends the message to the world that abuse is nothing more than a laughing matter.”

:: Petra was similarly displeased by Chris Brown’s Rihanna-guesting “Turn Up The Music” remix, but laid the blame on her: “Wow Rihanna, this is a really bad move for you! I hoped you were just fooling around and didn’t think you’d actually do it.”

:: Larry Hampton thinks it’s time for all of us to move on: “I think both collaborations are hot! It was an unfortunate event in both of their lives and one that I think they BOTH learned from their mistake(s). The truth of the matter, NONE OF US KNOW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED! Its another one of those “stardom” situations.”

:: Goki, perhaps put off by all of the controversy surrounding Chris Brown lately, would like to see the Breezy vs. CM Punk Twitter fight get physical: “I actually would love to see a fight between them though this wrestler should know Chris is trained in some martial arts and won’t be an easy take down.”

:: J-T tried looking at both sides of the story: “Chris really needs to take a break from twitter for a while, even though his tweets have gotten more….toned down, so I can commend him for that. On the other side of the fence, CM Punk, or a 33 year old, was as immature as Chris. Really immature since CM Punk, after starting the dispute, let a 22 year old press his buttons.”

:: sassafrass has simply had enough: “ugh go away forever chris brown.”

:: Christopher Koulouris was appalled when The National Enquirer published Whitney Houston’s open casket photo: “Aren’t you glad some sleazy magazine will always figure how to get its hands on the most private moments imaginable to grieving friends and relatives and somehow manage to bring the joy a few bucks away from your doorstep.”

:: Amy Rychlewski felt the photo disrespected Whitney’s legacy: “its disgusting u know to see that photo of great pop singer of all time that someone could do that whitney wouldnt of wanted that and who ever did it has no time but to do that the only one that should of viewed anything was the family and let the grieve in peace.”

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