Cher To Embark On A New Tour This September

Madonna isn’t the only over 50 pop icon making plans to thrill concertgoers across the country in 2012. Cher took to Twitter to announce a new tour in support of her forthcmoing album. “I’m shaking! The whole set/look changes 4 every song!” tweeted the 65-year-old pop star. “Tour starts in Sept! First dates Kansas.”

Cher last hit the road from 2002-2005 on her The Living Proof: The Farewell Tour, which she insisted was her last. She then had a 200-seat residency at The Coliseum at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas from 2008-2011.

Cher’s 26th studio album is due sometime this year. The LP will feature the ballad “The Greatest Thing”, which was written by Lady Gaga and produced by RedOne.

Will you be buying tickets to Cher’s upcoming concert? Or did you already “save all your pennies” to see Madonna live in person?

  • D

    Since LIVE music is always better, I’ll be going to see Cher!!! Madonna needs a reality check – $300 to see a dried up act of desperation lip-synch her way through most of her concert, no thank you.

    Sorry Madonna, Cher will always be infinitely better!!

  • nameless

    C H E R ROCKS !!!! T H E G O D D E S S IS BACK!!!!

  • Madfan58

    Really, then you haven’t been to a Madonna concert. I love both Cher and Madonna, they both sing live. Don’t be crying cause you can’t afford a Madonna ticket…

  • D

    Sorry Madfan58, but Madonna’s last tour (Sticky & Sweet) included a lot of lip synching. Yes, she sings some parts of it live, but when you have to rely on lip synching for a lot of it, in my mind that’s a rip off. My guess is that this next tour will include much of the same. Also, did you watch the Superbowl? It’s not my problem if you can’t tell the difference between live music and playback.

  • Tenosique

    Cher is beauty and talent!

  • Matt

    To be fair the superbowl has been mimed for years due to the acoustics for it and setting up time constraints. I’ll be going to see BOTH, love Cher and Madonna.

  • Fatima

    Cher is unique she is the best, I will pay to see cher again.

  • Edge

    I love both Madonna and Cher. Last time Cher was here, I was only young and couldnt go. I live in Australia, and Australia hasnt seen Madonns tour here since 1991, before I was born!!!!!!! Some of these divas need to remember that Australia does exist and they have fans here. Chere – understandable since she hasnt toured since03-05, and she came here. But Madonna has toured the world several times over the past 20 years and has bypassed us every time. she reakons that she is coming here in 2013, but she has just squezed in a south america tour just before christmas, she wont want to go back out in 2013 just to do Australia, too much effort for an old hag like her. I think Cher might make the effort if she can, but Madonna is just lazy, not old(as the problem), just lazy. Artists say that it costs too much to come to Australia, well artists also sell really well in Australia. The perfect example is P!nk. Look at these pages of 2 of her tours:
    These aussie concerts, she sold out practically every show she did. International artists DO sell, they just have to pick the right times. I mean like, some are just mean, for her 50th anniversary tour, Tina Turner did her rehersals in Australia, but never toured here with the show, WTF!!!!! We deserve good artists to come here, we will go to the shows, that has been proven, also with Metallica selling out in 2010. So why dont more artists come here, they get the money back they spent to get here and an exponential amount more, It is worth it!

  • MD

    I saw Cher “in Living proof” concert 4 times and I saw Madona twice. Cher wins hands down. I will be going to see Cher again this time around. Hoping she will do eastern Canada, Halifax or St John’s so I don’t have to travel as far this time. Love ya Cher, you are the best!

  • vanna

    will the cher tour be coming to the uk..?