Madonna Has No Idea Who Joe Francis Is, Didn’t Alter “Girl Gone Wild” For Him

Madonna reportedly did not drop the “s” in “Girls” from the title of her second MDNA single “Girl Gone Wild” because of a legal threat from Girls Gone Wild franchise creator Joe Francis. And she apparently has no idea who Joe Francis is. TMZ says Madge’s manager Guy Oseary relayed to the site that it’s “laughable” that Francis felt triumphant after sending a cease and desist letter to keep the singer from performing the song at the Super Bowl. TMZ notes the following:

“As for Madonna changing the name of the song to ‘Girl Gone Wild,’ Oseary says they’ve been tweaking the album for weeks, and decided to make the word ‘Girl’ singular because that’s the way Madonna sings it in the song.”

The site also says Oseary pointed out that there are various other songs out there with the title “Girls Gone Wild” (as a quick search on iTunes confirms), one of the more prominent being a Ludacris track from 2006’s Release Therapy, which arrived nine years after Francis’ first Girls Gone Wild film.

Madonna’s manager apparently went on to add the ego-damaging info that the “Give Me All Your Luvin’” songstress doesn’t even know who Joe Francis is, and is unaware of his legal threats.

Look, Joe — while you were out there making movies about women exposing themselves in public, Madonna had already been living it for years.