Kid Cudi’s ‘WZRD’ Album: Review Revue

Feb 28th, 2012 // 24 Comments
Cudi's Rage
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With third release WZRD, Kid Cudi has plugged in his amp and paired up with Dot Da Genius for an album that has critics fairly divided. Some argue that Mr. Rager is bringing something new to the table as he attempts to distance himself from the hip hop crowd, while others point out that his stab at rock simply isn’t any good. Teleport below to read what the Internet at large has to say, then let us know your own thoughts on WZRD!

:: Hip Hop DX praises Kid Cudi for trying something different: “Where PM Dawn’s soft spoken routine was shunned to no end in the early ’90s, recent times have given rise to a subculture allowing today’s generation to comfortably identify with artists straying from rap’s hyper-masculinity and chauvinism… While some could consider the gumption of Cudi’s aesthetic on this album a byproduct of self-absorbed pretense, he appears to organically gravitate to earnest experimentation.”

:: The Oracle is equally impressed: “It’s reassuring to see that this new musical direction isn’t altering what made Cudi a commodity to begin with — the fact that his music is in many ways an intimate representation of himself… Yet, listeners hoping for an entirely new side of Cudi will come away disappointed because WZRD isn’t too much of a departure from what he’s done on his own albums.”

:: The album has left This Beat Goes On feeling cold, however: “Unfortunately for Dot Da genius, Kid Cudi, and his fans, WZRD isn’t anywhere near what I’m sure many had hoped for. As a heavy Cudi listener myself, it pains me to say it, but based on the group’s first official project, this crossover attempt is going to be a failed one.”

:: The NJ Underground isn’t conjuring up good thoughts on the album either: “Apparently by ‘alternative rock’, the duo meant angsty, dated, Nickeback-esque post-grunge. While not without its moments, some of WZRD doesn’t even sound like it was made by professional musicians, it feels like something a couple of 15-year olds would put together.”

:: Having Said That… doesn’t really have much good to say: “There are so many songs on this alternative debut that had so much potential, but for a lot of reasons, they all didn’t come through. The guitar parts that Cudi plays are nothing that will blow any band out of the water, as they are used for mostly filler and never really change throughout the record.”

:: StupidDope finds some merit in the LP: “WZRD is definitely a piece of creative work… Cudi learned how to play the guitar on a whim and put it to good use for this album.”

:: Planet Ill is just feeling ill after listening: “Any artist should be commended for having the courage to step away from their comfort zone, but WZRD is just not good. The inherent issue is Cudi’s delivery in the world of full-on Rock & Roll. His laid back, rear-throat voice does not fit the tracks on this album. Heavy, muddy electric guitars, particularly on the slower tracks, rob him on the melody that serves as one of his biggest weapons. All but gone is the fluidity possessed on Mr. Rager.”

:: Finally, The Black Out gives a semi-enthusiastic review: “WZRD is, in general, a fun album to listen to. The enjoyment that Cudi himself gets out of making this album is evident in almost every track. It sets a different tone for what Kid Cudi fans are used to; not only is it comprised of a different sound, but the message behind the album is different.”

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  1. AlexParemsky

    True Cudi fans, will love cudi no matter what

    • Ok this has to be the most annoying thing I can hear someone say. A true Cudi fan likes the music they think is good. If they think something is bad they can offer constructive criticism, or just not listen to the music. To be a fan of an artist doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to like the music you don’t find appealing. True Cudi fans will love the music that’s great, and appreciate the hard work that he puts into creating an album. A true Cudi fan doesn’t blindly follow and like all his music just because he’s Kid Cudi.

  2. Eazzy

    Im one of the biggest kid cudi fan out there loved the first album I liked the second because he still rapped but the third just sucks as it hurts me to say it but its bad imo. Kid cudi got big of rap because he has good lyrics and he can rap so why let such great talent go to waste with garbage

    • Elliot

      His lyrics are still good and he is talented in more than just rap but as an actual Musician as well. Although I must agree that I love his rap and I think he was the best, most original and coolest rapper/hip hop artist alive

  3. nboy96

    @AlexParemsky That is a terrible statement. About any musician, period. People should like music because of the MUSIC, not because of the person that makes it. Cudi’s mixtape was great, his 1st album was great, his 2nd album was great, and his 3rd album is also great. What if his next one was awful? Would you still like it because it is by Kid Cudi? If you say you will love any artist no matter what, then your opinion should be disregarded completely.

  4. fmd_1990

    I’m a fan of Cudi’s music and his many various projects. i dont think he 2nd album gets the credit his 1st did which is a shame because its a great project (along with his mixtapes and various other songs). Glad he made this album, good work but i will always love to hear him rapping especially since he can freestyle. he ripped Ashin Kusher and that was a freestyle lol

  5. Clyyyyde

    @Eazzy as any artist (of any medium) would attest to, why limit yourself to just stuff that you are good at? why not experiment with a new platform to get your stories across? i proud of cudi for this album. no it isnt my fav project from him but at the end of the day im excited about the potential going forward for both Kid Cudi the solo artist and WZRD the band.

  6. Logan

    It still sounds like Cudi while being sort of different, and I’m glad that he branched out! There is nothing wrong with trying different things. I’m on my second listen so I’m not sure if the album will grow on me or not, but it’s just “okay”. It’s nothing mindblowing but it’s not absolutely horrible. It’s pretty alright.

  7. Teddy

    I think that if people listen to this a bum thinking that it’s going to be a hip hop album then they will be disappointed . But if you go into it with an open mind then you may or may not like it. Its all up to the person listening to it, I personally enjoyed it. its something completely different from an artist who does make “rap” music but has ventured into something that is totally out of left field. If you like the album good for you and if not then that your opinion and you are entitled to it.

  8. Guest

    I liked it. I didn’t even know who or what it was. Clicked the album, I heard “Teleport 2 Me” instantly ran back to the computer to see who I was listening to to find out it was my boy Cudi. And I’m not even into this kind of music generally; it just opened up a new door–possibly. Other tracks to check out: Love Hard, High Off Life, and Dr. Phil.

  9. SummmaMay

    This album is something no other artist could accomplishh. remember the ones who make it complicated never get congradulated. He made this to remind people that god is still there through thick and thin. This album was a result of someting drastic that happened in his life. I have nothing but respect for what he does and congradulate him for making what has now become my favorite cd.

  10. sunny

    well said.

  11. Toristein

    I definitely enjoyed most of WZRD. when I bought it I didn’t have any real expectations I just let go and enjoyed. It was different and kinda sketchy at first, but most of the songs grew on me in no time at all. I especially enjoyed “dream time machine” and “upper room” because it felt like his work from the first album. This wasn’t his greatest work but it was fun and I’m looking forward to more (:

  12. Joe

    I love Kid Cudi, and i would be honest if i didnt like this albulm. but i do, i love it. Its not just the songs, its the overall approach at this new feel of music. The albulm reveals how much he can actually do. and of course its not like MOTM2. He’s sober, and happy. This is as close as your gonna get to A Kid Named Cudi. I cant wait for the next albums he releases.

  13. Nick

    I love Cudi and MOTM I & II, but WZRD is just not good. Cudi is an excellent rapper, just not a rocker. I’ll be waiting for 3.

  14. ryan

    i love kid cudi I mean i could relate to motm and motm II better then i can relate to any other album ever made Rock or rap… Cudi had a unique sound with motm its not even rap idk why he doesnt get that… he still can put his own guitar riffs into motm III like, Motm II’s Marijuana or mr.rager…. His Wzrd album has 4 good songs. the upper room, live and learn, and the arrival and the dream time machine… But i think the rest are wack And Talentless..

  15. Good album it grows on me the more and more i listen to it. Will it stand the test of time? Maybe, maybe not. Its cudistyle music. Good solid content. All in all i cant complain.

  16. cudder

    I thought this album was amazing. it didnt sell 77k for no reason. Most negative comments come from his fans that liked him for his HIP HOP music so of course they wouldnt like him experimenting with a new genre. If you liked rock you would appreciate this album more. I love nirvana and his cover of them on the album was amazing. It had a great combination of the nirvana vibe mixed with the cudi vibe. I loved his other albums too but WZRD takes the cake for me. Dont doubt yourself Kid Cudi and Dot, you guys did a good job.

  17. cudder

    “niggas gotta open up their minds” lol

  18. erock

    I heard “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” and immediately Googled the title. I knew I had heard that before and when I realized it was from Nirvana Unplugged (though many others have covered it before) I applauded! I was so excited to see Cudi able to really step away from that currently clouded mess they call Hip Hop and do something fresh and different. People like what is familiar and this is not. Change is good. Different is good. Grunge didn’t take off in a day. Look at what Elvis went through to make rock a household name. I had no idea what to expect and am pleasantly surprised. I am sick of the same old rap and hip hop songs they replay on the radio every day. Being able to put this album on and hear something new is so refreshing. It may not be as commercially successful as his other albums but there is nothing wrong with that. Look at Pink Floyd – they had amazing albums that never saw the commercial success that Dark Side of the Moon or The Wall did – didn’t mean they weren’t awesome (ie: Meddle)! A good ARTIST has many facets and progresses, grows and changes. So many of the rappers and hip hoppers out there today are not true artists. I am glad he took it to the next level. Not bad for a kid from Cleveland. Go Kid!

  19. Saaaaam3

    Kid Cudi has his own genre of music (: x

  20. Crewdaddy

    I think it’s garbage. What kind of ego does a person have to have to think they can just switch genres and still make quality music? I don’t see the White Stripes putting out a rap album, or The Black Keys deciding they want to put out a jazz album. I don’t even listen to the stuff of his I used to like because now I think he’s a turd.

  21. Space Kidet

    its the dawning of Dream Hop my niggs

  22. Space Kidet

    its the dawning of Dream Hop ! pop it lets go

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