Chris Brown Has Some Serious Symbolism On His ‘Fortune’ Album Cover

Feb 29th, 2012 // 11 Comments

Chris Brown seems to have finally dropped his beloved graffiti imagery and is going for a futuristic vibe on the cool blue cover art for his new album, Fortune. (At least we think that’s the title — what font is that, wingdings?) Fortune, the follow-up to his Grammy-winning album F.A.M.E., will be released on May 8 just three days after his 23rd birthday. Let’s hope between now and then, Breezy manages to keep himself controversy-free. (We’re not holding our breath.)

UPDATE: Fortune will now be released July 3, giving Brown plenty more time to promote it by engaging in immature behavior.

  1. iche

    HAHA! love the wingdings joke.

  2. jessi heart

    lol wingdings. i’m curious as hell too! what does it mean?

  3. otis

    Screw whoever wrote the smart a$$ comments in this article! The cver is wornderful as is crhis brown. I’m tired o the biased RACIST MEDIA! Where was the concern when Glen Campbell was knocking out Tanya Tuckers front eeth? How about when Ozzy Osbourne was smashing Sharon’s face into brick walls knocking otu her teeth? I’m sick of this BS. All the white men like Sean Penn beating Madonna & Robin Wright yet no one complains when he won an Oscar in 09. This is a fake a$$ of liars and hypocrites!


    FORTUNE 5/8/12

  5. MeL

    what is the text ?

  6. Nk

    Fortune does NOT come out on May 8th–what a lie. It comes out on June 12, 2012! What a bogus fake website…

  7. Jenna

    the text is some form of wingdings, which is an ACTUAL font and it reads “FORTUNE”

  8. dan

    how can this be an objective report when they still bashing him as being immature?

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