Adam Lambert’s Pre-’Idol’ Album ‘Beg For Mercy’ Released

Adam Lambert’s sophomore LP Trespassing won’t be the only Glambert album released this year. After suing the pop star and going to court, Colwel Platinum Entertainment has won the right to release Beg For Mercy, a collection of recordings Adam made with the before his appearance on American Idol.

Back in October 2011, representatives for Lambert sent takedown notices to to cease selling Beg For Mercy online. The LP was soon removed, and that prompted Colwel Platinum to sue Lambert for allegedly making a false claim under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in order to block the release of the album. Four months later (and as Adam is well into the promotion of Trespassing, the two sides have reached a settlement that will mean the dismissal of the lawsuit — and the renewal of sales of Beg For Mercy. The parties also seem to have set aside any question of whether Lambert’s early recordings jeopardized his eligibility to compete on Idol.

“The Colwel Platinum Entertainment lawsuit against Adam Lambert has been resolved,” said the company in a statement. “Adam has withdrawn any objections to the release of Beg For Mercy and he has approved the use of his songs and performances in these pre-Idol recordings which are interpretations of his artistic vision at the time. Neither Colwel Platinum Entertainment, Inc. nor Malcolm Welsford ever stated that Adam was not eligible to participate in American Idol when he did so and regret that the lawsuit’s allegations were misinterpreted.”

Beg For Mercy is back on sale at Amazon, so fans who can’t wait until Trespassing‘s release date of “Mapril” have a chance to hear Adam’s voice on “new” songs. Whether they want to pony up for this particular album, given its history, is another question.

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  • laurieb

    I dont know of any Glambert who will be buying that BFM album. Those scammers trying to push this album should be ashamed of their behavior. If they had released BFM correctly and with Adam’s blessing, we would have bought it. But they chose to do it under hand so they will pay the price for that..
    I cant wait for Trespassing to come out..this is the album to buy..Is it Mapril yet?

  • Susie

    Do not buy this album. It does not reflect Adam’s present artistic vision. These are low-life producers trying to take advantage of him.

    Can’t wait for Adam’s official second album “Trespassing”!

  • Melissa Pauls

    LOL nope. After a marketing campaign that actively tried to trick people into thinking this was new music from Adam instead of old unfinished demos with some cut rate production tossed together to make a buck, and a nasty little lawsuit that used trumped up charges about Adam’s Idol eligibility as media bait, no fan is gonna touch this album.

    From the statement, it looks like they’re being required to use pre-Idol when referring to the music instead of trying to pass it off as his sophomore release, plus it looks like Adam’s lawyers have wrung an admission out of them that Adam was totally eligible for Idol and their insinuations were bogus. I wish it could be stopped altogether, but at least with it settled Adam can focus on his new album Trespassing!

  • embracethecray


    BFM is the Bastard child of some of Adam Lambert’s FORMER friends and collaborators and is NOT endorsed or even recognized by Adam. It is a blatant act by those people to fraudulently fleece less knowledgable record-buyers into buying this CD, thinking they are getting Adam’s new music.

    Either you didn’t do your homework or you are being intentionally provocative by posting this article and using the wording you chose. In doing so, you are propagating the fiction/fraud being put out onto the internet.

  • Adam Fan

    NONE OF ADAM’S TRUE FANS WOULD SPEND EVEN ONE DOLLAR WITH THAT SCUMBAG. We will wait for Adam’s true album TRESPASSING. Surprised you would even write that last sentence. You don’t sue Adam, lie about him, try to piggyback off his success, and then expect his fans to help you line your pockets. Malcolm Welsford will not get one penny of my money. He is a first class scumbag as far as I am concerned. He didn’t have to go about it the way he did, but now, court order or not, he is going to lose big time.

  • adamluv1000

    That bastard album was released last fall and is already in stores. No one with any knowledge will buy it. Colwell basically lost this lawsuit. He didn’t gain anything and had to quit his false marketing campaign and admit that his saying Adam was ineligible for American Idol was a lie. Yeah for Adam for not giving in to these bottom feeders.

  • Arlene Floyd

    I don’t get the point of this whole article since BFM was released in 11/2011 and is available in stores already. The lawyers made Amazon stop its selling because they were selling it as new music which in fact they were old demos which Welsford redid. Now since they can sell it as pre-idol I doubt very much that any Adam fan would touch it. They didn’t in November and I doubt they will now and for myself, I wouldn’t even accept it as a gift. The only album to buy is Trepassing which is the only true Adam album to buy.

    Don’t expect Adam to respond on this court decision as he has too much class.

  • Well…

    A relative who knows how much I love Lambert’s voice bought BFM for me. They had absolutely no idea about all the business surrounding it (buyer/person is a teenager, I’m in my late 20′s, I get it, they didn’t and they bought it for me out of love, which I think AML would admire). They opened it for me before giving it to me as it wasn’t a gift per se and as a joke because they know it is my all time pet peeve how freakin’ annoying it is to get cd wrappers off nowadays; so it was not returnable. So, let me just say peeps, some of the tracks on BFM are hot! I still listen to Upright stuff on YT because I can’t get enough off Adam’s voice, and I feel similarly about BFM. Man, some of the tracks are sexy as hell, some are fun & funky, etc. and yes, Monte’s playing is smokin’. But my most important point is that AML has NOTHING to be embarrassed about w/ BFM. I know I know, there are a million reasons why all this sucks, I’m just saying that some of the tracks are hot, and AML certainly has nothing to be embarrassed about… the “business” part, I get it, I do, but JS.

  • Laura Corn

    This is original music and not covers, so I suppose it depends on how big a fan you are and if you want all his music, which this now appears to be part of the whole. Some of the songs are not bad, and this album has actually sold quite a bit. Doubt it will stop any real fan from buying Trespassing, as his fans have already pre-ordered and are waiting patiently.

    • Sharon Miller Sullivan

      Laura, why post lies on this site? No real fan of Adam would ever buy this b*****album which Adam has not endorsed has he? You must be a Monte fan. Btw Monte took Adam fans for over 60K to help him produce his own album. Monte owes us an apology.

  • Netmeg99

    Laura Corn .. Pffffffffffft!!!! any real fan of Adam will not buy this album. He doesn’t want it out there.. His own words.. and it hasn’t sold sh*t don’t try to make it sound like it’s doing well cause it’s not. It’s Monte’s original music not Adams and the whole things sound like a hack job to me.. Ridiculous comment do you work for Welsford!

  • Sharon Miller Sullivan

    Becky you article is so incorrect it’s not even funny. First BFM was only taken off Amazon for a week and was put back up and has been there for sale for the entire time the lawsuit was filed. @Second no one ever walked into a courtroom it was decided between the parties. Third, Colwel did not prevail Adam actually came out on top but of course you didn’t do your homework did you. You shouldn’t even be writing these articles because you base them on rumors and hearsay. You should be very embarrassed.

  • Tania

    Why are you writing an article on this old, unfinished demos that Adam does not endorse and is sold by backstabbing behind the scenes lowlives to make a fast buck off of Adam? Do you hate him? Adam’s new music coming out is Trespassing, he has a new single out for us to enjoy “Better Than I Know Myself” that is HOT and it will tide us over until Trespassing! No fan of Adam’s will give the BFM backstabbers a red cent! Nice try!

  • Netmeg99

    fans of Adam’s don’t call him AML jussayin so I am assuming you are a Welsford spawn

  • Jason

    You are full of it Becky Bain and I know you are not a big fan of Adam Lambert from things you have written in the past. In fact this website also sucks. No real fan will buy “Beg for Money” and no real fan calls Adam ALM. JS. Buy his real album TRESPASSING.

  • Cathy M

    Adam Lambert WON! He got what he wanted, and admission on Pre Idol songs, no breach of contract for Idol Eligibilty and Major Stall to get his Publicity for New Album and Now HIT RECORD on Radio WIN ! WIN ! WIN ! WIN!!!!

  • Tina S

    I was going to make the same comment about NO fan calling Adam AML – I have NEVER seen his initials used like that anywhere. “Well…” drops a long, unnecessarily detailed story to make it sound like some legit fan, but I smell a Welsford plant (actually, a couple of them here)

    In the long run, Welsford won nothing. The album was already released last year…do I hear crickets? So they got official permission now to release it, big deal. As many have said, no self-respecting Adam fan will touch it. Also, the suit was dismissed “with prejudice”, which should tell you something. Here’s a definition from uslegel [dot] com. The second paragraph is the most interesting.

    “A dismissal with prejudice is dismissal of a case on merits after adjudication.The plaintiff is barred from bringing an action on the same claim. Dismissal with prejudice is a final judgment and the case becomes res judicata on the claims that were or could have been brought in it.

    A court has inherent power to dismiss an action with prejudice if it is vexatious, brought in bad faith, or when there has been a failure to prosecute it within a reasonable time. When a plaintiff who has commenced an action fails to comply with discovery devices, a court, which has issued the order of compliance, may sua sponte dismiss the case with prejudice.”

  • Tina S

    Oops, just noticed a typo in case you look for that definition. It was at uslegal [dot] com.

  • musenstuff

    colwell didnt win anything lol. They were suing Adam for damages – and lost – had to settle – coz they had no case..

    the BS album has been available for sale for months so nothing new happened except colwell had to retract their claim that Adam wasn’t eligible for Idol

  • musenstuff

    PS this so-called album is just a bunch of badly produced demo tapes made by Adam years ago and has already been sold under the name “Take ONe” anyway. There is nothing there for any Adam fan.

  • tess4ADAM

    If you ask me … ADAM let them ‘off the hook’. I’da hung them out to dry but ADAM has too much CLASS to lower himself to their level. It’s my understanding that these were unfinished tracks with ADAM’s vocals & Welsford got a bunch of musicians into a studio & FINISHED them!! ADAM wiil NOT be releasing TWO albums … just his MASTERPIECE **TRESPASSING**. I need confirmation from ADAM & only ADAM before I believe anything else I read about this issue!! “Believe NOTHING You HEAR & Only HALF of What You SEE”!!

  • musenstuff

    I’ve listened to the tracks and it sounds horrible – despite Adam’s best efforts on the original demos. They’re mostly the same badly produced tracks that were released years ago under the title Take One. Unfortunately – in an attempt to trick people into thinking it was “new” music Colwell had these old demo tracks remixed thinking that a bit of electro-magic would make them sound more current and better produced. EPIC FAIL!! If anything – they sound worse and they would have done better to leave them alone. I love Adam’s voice but it breaks my heart to hear his fabulous vocals being tortured to death with the awful mixing, techno-guff and 2 separate layers of bad production on this dreadful CD.

  • musenstuff

    Oh wait – this is a different album but from the same people, there was another one I heard the tracks for that were not original music. I’m confused. How many old demo albums have these people released anyway?? Meh whatever – if it’s anything like the other one it will be awful.

  • Terry

    LMAO at “Well” who calls herself an “Adam fan” but uses initials for Adam that no fan has EVER used, raves about Monte and alleges someone bought her the album with the plastic already removed and she loves it etc etc. It’s pretty obvious you are either a staffer for Colwell (they’ve been busted posing as fans on these things before LMAO) or you are a fan of Monte’s NOT Adam’s (or you are Monte himself – wouldn’t put it past him LOL). And we all know Monte was sneakily involved in this debacle behind Adam’s back while being a “friend” to his face – that’s why he was sacked by Adam. Promote the album on Monte’s behalf if you must but don’t pretend to be an Adam fan in order to do it. That’s the kind of ‘deceit and lies’ tactic Welsford uses. What’s with the BS and deception around this CD – it’s like it’s an infection.

  • melody

    The best songs on the album can be downloaded on YouTube ,if you really want them bad. Pop Goes the Camera being one of the famous ones.. I wouldn’t give a dime to this underhanded company. They tried to pass this album off as Adam’s new album.. they ride his PR coattails for all its worth. On top of that Adam gets nothing for this album.

  • Sydney

    Some of the post are being made by Monte Pittman trolls. Adam’s fans are mad as hell that BFM ever saw the light of day. Greedy bottom feeders like Monte and his crew are trying to say that some of the tracks are good. They miss the point. Good or bad, BFM was made to exploit Adam’s success. We do not want to give these lowlifes our money. Monte already conned thousands from Adam’s fans. We are waiting for “trespassing”.

  • boberta

    I love how some people feel like they can speak for all Adam Lambert fans. I’m a fan-not a glambert-but a fan just the same and I bought BFM knowing full well where it came from. I like the music-always did like Citizen Vein stuff. But I’m evil that way-I purchase my music based on what I like.

  • Theresa Dailey

    I listened to this ‘bogus’ album praised by these ‘bogus’ fans .. on Ytube. Really not up to ADAM’s standards … I also listened to the majority of these songs in their original venues … not this ‘studio’ version … also on Ytube … back in 2009 … while ADAM was still a contestant on AI. Some were good although the acoustics were either loud or muted … ADAM’s vocals for the most part were ‘drowned out’ by Monte’s & the band’s music … only one song was really good & it was from ADAM’s performance at the Zodiac show. The version on this ‘album’ is nowhere as good!!! If you want to hear it sung the way that ADAM ‘wrote & performed’ it … go to Ytube & type in “Adam Lambert Crawl Through the Fire Zodiak”!! That is the way ADAM’s pre-Idol music should be presented … NOT like on THe bogus album. Just WAIT until ADAM’s NEW Masterpiece is released **TRESPASSING** & watch his video *Better Than I Know Myself* NEW single from it on TV music channels … MTV, etc. THIS is the REAL **ADAM LAMBERT**!!


  • Kaylene Hailstone

    On a different note I find it amusing that both CaptainCanucks and Yim Lee posted from the exact same geo location… hmmm and for your own privacy I will not mention what is that location. I will not be shocked if you are both the same person.