Adam Lambert’s Pre-‘Idol’ Album ‘Beg For Mercy’ Released

Adam Lambert’s sophomore LP Trespassing won’t be the only Glambert album released this year. After suing the pop star and going to court, Colwel Platinum Entertainment has won the right to release Beg For Mercy, a collection of recordings Adam made with the before his appearance on American Idol.

Back in October 2011, representatives for Lambert sent takedown notices to to cease selling Beg For Mercy online. The LP was soon removed, and that prompted Colwel Platinum to sue Lambert for allegedly making a false claim under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in order to block the release of the album. Four months later (and as Adam is well into the promotion of Trespassing, the two sides have reached a settlement that will mean the dismissal of the lawsuit — and the renewal of sales of Beg For Mercy. The parties also seem to have set aside any question of whether Lambert’s early recordings jeopardized his eligibility to compete on Idol.

“The Colwel Platinum Entertainment lawsuit against Adam Lambert has been resolved,” said the company in a statement. “Adam has withdrawn any objections to the release of Beg For Mercy and he has approved the use of his songs and performances in these pre-Idol recordings which are interpretations of his artistic vision at the time. Neither Colwel Platinum Entertainment, Inc. nor Malcolm Welsford ever stated that Adam was not eligible to participate in American Idol when he did so and regret that the lawsuit’s allegations were misinterpreted.”

Beg For Mercy is back on sale at Amazon, so fans who can’t wait until Trespassing‘s release date of “Mapril” have a chance to hear Adam’s voice on “new” songs. Whether they want to pony up for this particular album, given its history, is another question.

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