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  • Connie Gray

    I think Amber Rose and Whiz Khalifa are the most 2 people that are really,really,really in LOVE, I think that the 2 of them are very much in LOVE and since she is having a baby I really like her even more. I don’t care what anybody is saying about them, people got the nerve to be hating on them for what? nothing. And since she is not with Kanye West I am so,so,so,so happy he was not the man for her, he has the nerve to be saying all these things about her and Khalifa . He was the one that messed up by cheating on her with that money hungry sisters and there mother. And just like the average BLACK man they get with these white woman, they forget about where they come from? ( and just like they say once you go BLACK you will never go back) then he wants to say all these nasty things about the couple, but I have seen that she have been on T.V.and on talk shows she never has anything to say about kayne , but on the other hand he wants to make songs and say other mean things about her and no matter what she still has good things to say about him. And she wants nothing to do with him anymore and I respect her gangsta I say to her and Whiz keep on doing what you 2 have to do for you and your new baby that is coming do not even worry about anyone And do what you got to do Yours Truly