Whatcha Say: Madonna, Rihanna And Kid Cudi Got Our Readers Talking

Mar 2nd, 2012 // Comment

Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” and Chris Brown’s “Turn Up The Music” hit radio stations nationwide this week, leaving some to wonder why programmers chose to spin the controversial remixes. Meanwhile, the Madonna faithful began to question Madge’s lyrical abilities after the release of MDNA‘s second single, “Girl Gone Wild”. Kid Cudi fans heralded the arrival WZRD, and temperatures were raised as we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Kylie Minogue’s Fever.

:: Thomas didn’t think Rihanna and Chris Brown’s remixes deserved their day on the radio: “The problem is neither song is good (at least to me). I usually love Chris’ jams but this one just sounds fake. And what station is ALLOWED to play Rihanna’s song…it’s just too dirty!!!”

:: Michelle Brooks believes everyone should just get over it: “rihannanavy and Teambreezy have come together. I wish them all the best.. enough already. let these 2 young people live their lives and make music.”

:: Muffyagreed: “Move on. They have both moved on, but people like you know them personally. If she lost some fans because of this, they never were real fans.”

::Girl Gone Stale took Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” to task: “Madonna used to be a better songwriter…or at least she slapped her name on better songs. I want her to succeed again, but this kind of disposable glittertrash isn’t going to catapult her into the Springsteen/McCartney/etc. ranks of Universally Acclaimed Legends the way she deserves.”

:: Oceandreams‘ hopes were dashed upon hearing the MDNA track: “I really want to like this song, but its just so below what I expected from her, I understand staying with current trends, she wants to be current and radio friendly. But she’s Madonna, she can push boundries where few other artists can. This sounds like something we could expect from a teen pop starlet who maybe needs a little help in the vocal department. Sorry but she is not a GIRL gone wild, shes a strong confident women, wish she would choose to sing about where she is in life NOW and how great a place that is!”

:: John thinks if Madonna is copying anyone, it’s herself: “it’s a reductive version of her own song called Celebration. Lyrics are below her level. It’s just ok! Not good enough for #1 spot. Not at all! If this is the best from her in this era.”

:: Logan was tepid on Kid Cudi’s lastest full-length effort, WZRD: “I’m on my second listen so I’m not sure if the album will grow on me or not, but it’s just ‘okay’. It’s nothing mind blowing but it’s not absolutely horrible. It’s pretty alright.”

:: Eazzy, a onetime Cudi fan, is not a fan at all this time around: “loved the first album, liked the second because he still rapped but the third just sucks as it hurts me to say it but its bad. Kid Cudi got big of rap because he has good lyrics and he can rap so why let such great talent go to waste with garbage.”

:: SummmaMay thinks WZRD came from a higher place: “He made this to remind people that god is still there through thick and thin … I have nothing but respect for what he does and congratulate him for making what has now become my favorite cd.”

:: Richard Craig Morales joined in as we reminisced about Kylie’s 10-year-old album Fever: ”Fever became of my favorite albums of the decade; from driving on the coast with the top down, working out, or popping in some tracks during a bbq it’s lasting appeal is phenomenal!”

:: Perry Cisneros just may be Kylie’s #1 fan: “I’ve been a Kylie fan since her Locomotion days. In fact I have 3 versions of the ‘Fever’ cd. Her music is always fresh, lively and plain fun!”

:: Travis Woodman should invest in an iTunes gift card: “Kylie was my first introduction to dance and electronic-like music! My Fever CD is so scratched from non-stop playing in college.”

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