Rye Rye Samples Vengaboys On New Song “Boom Boom”

Robyn-approved electro-pop doll Rye Rye is finally dropping her album Go! Pop! Bang! on May 15, and “Boom Boom”, one of the first offerings we get to hear from the LP, sounds like a mix between Robyn herself, an 8-bit video game, and a playlist from our teen years: yes, that is actually and seriously a sample of the Vengaboys’ 1999 single “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom” you’re hearing. (Never thought you’d hear a Vengaboys song again outside of a Six Flags commercial, didn’t you?) Listen below.

Rye Rye — “Boom Boom”

This is fun and all, but it really just makes us want to listen to the original on repeat. Blast back with us to the late 90s, will you? (We bet you will.)