WZRD Conjure #3 Debut Behind Adele, Whitney Houston On Album Chart

WZRD (aka Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius) land a high debut at #3 with their self-titled album on Billboard‘s Top 200 this week, but the 66,000 copies sold out of the gate isn’t enough to unseat either Adele’s 21 (247,000) from the top spot or Whitney Houston’s Whitney – The Greatest Hits (112,000) from the runner-up position. Teleport below to see what else is shaking up the chart this week. It’s now the 23rd non-consecutive week for 21 in the #1 position. That’s currently the longest stretch at the top since Prince’s Purple Rain soundtrack managed to stay on top for 24 weeks between 1984 and 1985. Before that, the Saturday Night Fever also racked up 24 weeks in the peak position in 1978.

Billboard points out that 21, which was released 54 weeks ago, is the top-selling album of 2012 after selling 2.07 million copies since January. (Unsurprisingly, the Grammy-winning LP was also 2011’s bestseller.) Right behind Adele in year-to-date sales is Whitney’s Greatest Hits, with a total of 527,000 in sales.

Speaking of Whitney, she maintains her record-setting feat of having three albums in the Top 10 for a second week.

The Top 10 Of Billboard’s Top 200 Chart

1. Adele, 21 *23 weeks* 2. Whitney Houston, Whitney – The Greatest Hits 3. WZRD, WZRD *new* 4.Various, Now 41 5. Whitney Houston, The Bodyguard 6.Tyga, Careless World: Rise Of The Last King 7. Adele, 19 8. Drake, Take Care 9. Rihanna, Talk That Talk 10. Whitney Houston, Whitney Houston