Demi Lovato’s ‘Stay Strong’ Documentary: Watch

Mar 7th, 2012 // 8 Comments
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“I know that some girl out there needed to hear this story tonight,” Demi Lovato said of opening up her personal life to the public last night in the MTV documentary Stay Strong. After a ton of media coverage on her treatment for eating disorders and self harm, yesterday the Today Show performer took charge of the coverage and invited the cameras with open arms, hoping to provide a role model for teens facing similar issues. “I cannot tell you that I have not thrown up since I treatment. I cannot tell you that I haven’t cut myself since treatment,” Lovato says candidly in the footage, which follows her backstage and into her home life. Watch below.

Demi Lovato — Stay Strong

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Did Stay Strong shed some light for you? Do you find Lovato’s openness to discuss her personal problems so candidly refreshing? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.


  1. NANCY



    this is amazing i cry very time i watch this demi is suuuch an inspiration

  3. Vanessa

    strong, brave, honest, beautiful, and inspirational. my idol forever.

  4. Sienna

    I cried the entire time through all of the videos. Demi you are so inspirational and have gone through so much. I have a couple friends who are going through the same stuff you are and they are staying strong :) STAY STRONG

  5. Lily

    It sucks that you cannot watch the content outside of the US. I am a huge Demi Lovato fan and live in the UK, does anyone know of any links that I can follow to watch the Documentary here?
    Or maybe if it’s airing on MTV again anytime soon?

  6. Payton

    Demi is just so beautiful and inspiring! She has been through so much in the spotlight, it amazes me to see her sharing her struggles and her recovery with her fans. She truly is an inspiration and a role model. Best celebrity role model out there!

  7. Ümran


  8. That was so emotional for me I was shaking the whole time that I was watching. It was a really great moment when you said your voice was given to you, Demi, not just to sing but for other purposes, like to inspire people and that’s so right. I’ve never ever seen anybody find themselves like this and be so open about it, you are such a real person. You’re not just another celebrity with a disorder who went to rehab. Remember that. You are an angel for so many girls and maybe even boys who have issues, cause everybody has issues, you know. But you are there for people like you wished you had when you were down. It’s that denial that you have a problem that makes it grow into an issue in your adulthood. To reach so many people’s minds through your music, with the voice that you’ve been given, I can’t express just how amazing and inspiring you are. You are going to be fine, cause we have your back forever. Keep walking, love u!

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