Adam Lambert Talks ‘Trespassing’ With Kiss FM

Beyond the imaginary month of “Mapril,” we still aren’t sure when we’ll finally get to hear Adam Lambert’s Trespassing — and nether is he, as he revealed to Kiss 106.1′s Billy the Kidd in a new interview. Open and honest as always, Adam discusses becoming “domestic” with his boyfriend, his thoughts on the fans he calls “the dream fans,” why he loves juicing, and how he doesn’t think he’d have a career without American Idol. Of course, the Fault cover boy also discusses working with Dr. Luke, Bruno Mars, and Pharrell Williams on “crazy dance music” for Trespassing. Yes, our interest is piqued. Watch below.

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  • Magoo

    How can anyone not love this man? And then when he sings, well, another world of unimaginable beauty opens up. And if you see him “live”, just know that it’s wise to bring oxygen and over a certain age, consider a defribrillator. Everything comes together, his beauty, his voice, his character and charisma. And people wonder why his fans are “so passionate”… You’d have to be 3 months dead.

    Thank you KISS FM for this great interview. DIdn’t you let him sing??? okay okay I’m one of those fans…

  • Serena White

    I will wait as long as it takes for Adam to release the album that he wants his fans to hear—I know it will be great and I’m looking forward to hearing all the songs. I hope he does a tour (as I’m sure he will) and that I am able to get tickets in the front row!! A girl can dream can’t she?Seriously, Adam is such a wonderful talent and lovely man — he will be a superstar in the near future and for years to come. !!!!

  • Theresa Dailey

    Waiting for ADAM to release his second Masterpiece is like a kid waiting in Delicious Anticipation for a birthday or Christmas or even a scool vacation except you know when they will happen. Waiting for “Mapril” is more intense but just as Delicious!! Can’t wait but I WILL until ADAM thinks TRESPASSING is all HE wants it to be!! Until then … I’ll keep watching his Better Than I Know Myself video on Ytube & the TV Top 20 countdowns & diligently VOTING!!


  • theo

    As long as Maypril does not go into Junmay I can deal..

    Excited for the BTIKM Remixes but I really, really want a new dancy single like NOW!!