Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” Video: Watch A Preview

Mar 9th, 2012 // 7 Comments

A short preview of Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” video has premiered, and let’s just say that the visuals live up to the song’s title! In the black and white clip, Madge bumps and grinds with a crew of shirtless men — well, that is, when the guys aren’t making out with each other. She’s also seen gyrating around while bound in chains, and the whole thing has us flashing back to The Material Girl’s ultra-naughty video for “Erotica”. (Guess we should be surprised  that “Girl Gone Wild” makes a couple wink-wink lyrical references to that song’s parent album, then?) Watch below.

“Girl Gone Wild” is the second single from Madonna’s forthcoming 12th studio album MDNA. The video was directed by photographers Mert and Marcus.

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  1. MusicManDave

    Nice Preview Madge! Erotica/Justify My Love/Vogue. Sexy

  2. janet

    I absolutely cannot wait any longer for the full vid

  3. zenez

    Erotica was more serous and grunge. I find this video more playful and sexy along the lines of Human Nature. Anyways I love most of her videos and GGW is no difference. Glad to see her back on the map.

  4. zenez


  5. nano

    its nice to see that madonna is still making amazing videos, not like her songs

  6. Madge’s technique to constantly reference herself is much better than for her to copy from other artists. GIRL GONE WILD is just a subtle reminder for other copycats that she did them first by showing the younger generations how she did it then thus referencing her past concepts and encapsulating them in one = GGW. The next video would probably be THE new concept we’re all eager of.

    Just glad she’s back in her sexy erotic ways. Age nothwithstanding, i can’t imagine Madge without the sex factor. it would be like Sharon Stone without Basic Instinct.

  7. Whatever, this video appears to be some throwback to herself. Still does nothing for the fact that the song sounds like some discarded Selena Gomez single. Her new music has been the epitome of generic pop.

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