Adam Lambert Performs New ‘Trespassing’ Tracks Live

Though we have to wait a bit longer for Adam Lambert’s highly anticipated sophomore release Trespassing to drop, we’re not completely devoid of new Glambert tunes — the pop star performed three previously unheard tracks from his new LP at a recent radio event, and not only does Adam give the crowd a taste of his brand new songs, he also shows off his killer dance moves. (Shake it, doll!) Listen to “Trespassing”, “Cuckoo” and “Chokehold” below, and tell us which one is your favorite.

Our first impressions? “Trespassing” has a fun sing-a-long effect with a hard, rocking bass line, and “Chokehold” is a charged power ballad that sounds a bit like U2 to us. “Cuckoo” features more than a few awesome Glambert belts and definitely has single potential — in fact, it probably will get single status, as Adam told PopJustice he was already considering the concept of the video, which would be “based on a film.”




Trespassing was originally scheduled for a March 20 release, but will now drop in “Mapril”, whenever that is.

[Via Popdust]

  • max und moritz

    re Adam’s latest: 1.) disappointing 2.) nothing special, same old beat 3.) not worth the wait 4.) boring

    • Becky Bain

      Tell us how you REALLY feel!

      • Sharon Miller Sullivan

        U are just jealous of Adam’s successful and of course we know you r a fan of another ex-idol that isn’t as successful. Which on is it?

  • HEP.

    Everyone is entitled to a opinion,even a wrong one….it is not disappointing or boring,what is boring is a few people who feel they always need to rain on Adam’s parade but he will keep marching..moving forward..Trespassing is one big step forward in his music journey…i lean toward Chokehold but agree Cuckoo sounds like wicked fun that could catch on and spread…my first impression are good ones,hang on to something because Trespassing is going take us all on one wild ride…hep.

  • laurieb

    I cant just pick one, they are all really good in different ways.. I cant wait to see him perform these lives,, it will be awesome.. is it Mapril yet ?

  • browsing

    ah man, taking into consideration that you can’t really make out the instrumentation, but that the vocals and most lyrics come through, I think I might LOVE them.

    I get more depeche mode from Chokehold, which is my current fav

    But Cuckoo is wild crazy fun and so hooky

    Trespassing is sticking it to the man, and I need to hear the studio version right now

  • Kelly Kizer

    Dont make me choose! I love them all but it’s a toss up between Cuckoo and Chokehold. 2 completely different kinds of songs. Im leaning towards Cuckoo because after hearing it just twice last night it was already stuck in my head.. woke up singing it too.

  • Sharon Miller Sullivan

    I don’t think we can fairly pick our favorite yet. All three are sounding amazing and as Adam and many others who have heard the studio version say just wait to you hear it on the CD. I like these three songs for different reasons. Cuckoo has an amazing beat and lyrics are fun and catchy, Chokehold is sexy and smooth, and Trespassing is definitely going to be a great dance song. Let’s hold judgment until we hear the studio version. I know I will.

  • Leslie

    LOL Well, every single music critic who’s been at the listening parties disagrees with you. Yes, every single one! So don’t buy the album if you don’t like it. You won’t be missed.

    Not gonna lie, this one really made me go WHOA!!!

    “UK MSN: ..We were treated to a five-track preview the other day and we’ve got to say, we’ve not had this good a feeling about an album since we heard an advance copy of 21 by Adele.”


  • Leslie

    Obviously, that was supposed to be a reply to max und moritz .

  • HEP.

    Glad to see so many fans speaking out in on behalf of Adam and matter how a few try to hang black crepe paper on everything,we just keep going right behind them tearing it right down…the real winner here is goodness and there are many more good Adam Lambert fans who will always have his back..we are his firewall,may bend but we never will break or retreat from our belief in this amazing young man…his second album Trespassing is proof that talent may be delayed but never denied…hep.

  • Terry

    I’ve loved Trespassing since he performed the acoustic version a while ago. Brilliant song. And Chokehold really grabbed me straight away. Cuckoo I’ve yet to decide about. I need to hear it with better audio I think. But his vocals were spot on with all of them. What an amazing singer.

  • chelsea

    dont even go here man adam is AMAZING better than words can decribe NOTHING he does will EVER be disapointing

    …….what is mapril…………it better be coming out the 20th………….someone migt have to die other wise (not adam of course)……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..but someone…

  • Adamfan

    I hope Trespassing is the next single. This is a good sing along song. Also hope Cuckoo is a single. Actually I love all three and am so excited for the album.

    Max and Moritz – Why did you have to respond first and ruin the comments section. Have you noticed everyone else is positive? Always some unhappy person. I really wouldn’t go to someone’s articles that I don’t like. Stupid.

  • Hoopla1

    No way am I going to choose just one favorite–they all sound like winners to me!
    Different songs for different moods, just like Adam promised.
    Trespassing–walk the walk like ya don’t give a f**k SASSY!
    Cuckoo–gonna party til they take us away CRAZY!
    Chokehold–bring it on back, bring it on back, hooky, angsty, SEXY!

    As excited as I am, I am even MORE excited about his own upcoming Trespassing release and tour! You just know these songs are gonna rock in every possible (and many different) ways both on the CD and live. (Just like the reviewers who have heard the tracks have said!) ADAM LIVE is simply the best, a consummate performer.

    Btw, some have mentioned sound quality of the vids–I am EVER grateful to LadyBRinehart for getting these vids up so quickly! But the sound may be a bit better on MishaRW’s youtube channel. Check out those vids if you have time.
    (Sound quality always depends in part on where the videographer is standing.)

    ANYWAY…ADAM…You are freakin’ awesome!!

  • Hoopla1

    Sorry, I was typing too fast! At the beginning of the second paragraph I meant to say:
    As excited as I am about Adam singing with Queen–I am even more excited about his own new music!

  • lb

    Adam already has over 9 thousand hits on this one 3 song performance thanks to ladybriehart for getting it to you-tube. His cd is not even officially released yet, so I think this is a great sign! I really believe this cd, when released (in mapril) is going to go platium quickly! If you are a glambert,lambrit,ect we need to BUY this when released. We all love adam (worldwide) buying his stuff (not downloading for free) is what we need to do!

  • AzGlamFan

    Love all three songs. Haven’t heard studio versions of any yet, but Chokehold is my fave so far!!! All of the songs are catchy, have great lyrics and stay in your head! Congrats Adam!!!

  • Clair

    All great songs, but that Chokehold–hauntingly beautiful. Please release it as a single.

    PS–If radio doesn’t play these songs, there is seriously something wrong.

  • JLM

    I do wish we had better sound recording of these. Love Cuckoo and the others definitely sound pretty awesome as well, just want the album to be released!! Really freaking wish we had a decent recording of the sound at this performance. Having seen Adam live, believe me these recordings aint nothing compared to the real deal!!

  • Margaret Tombs

    Cuckoo is my favourite, I really hope it’s the next single as it’s a nice contrast with BTIKM, Which is a lovely song but I would love something more upbeat this time.