Kelly Clarkson Covers Paramore’s “The Only Exception” In Concert

Kelly Clarkson is no stranger to making other artists’ hits her own — how else could she have won American Idol? But now that the “Dark Side” songbird has a roster of hits of her own, it’s quite a treat to hear her take on someone else’s. Especially when she does it this well. At the Hammond, Indiana stop on her Stronger tour, the Duets star brought out Paramore’s “The Only Exception” with such finesse we could swear Kelly wrote and recorded it herself. Do you prefer this to her cover of Madonna’s “Crazy For You”? Head below for a listen.

Kelly Clarkson — “The Only Exception” (Paramore cover)

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  • a

    She sounds like Katy Perry O.o

  • ae

    She sounds like herself. nothing like katy perry

  • cg

    Yeah Kelly sounds nothing like Katy Perry and Kelly is way better than Katy Perry.

  • Nick

    Hahaha yea, how dare you compare her to Katy Perry. If she sounded like Katy Perry, she’d be painfully flat anytime she sang above a C. Flawless cover from Kelly as expected :)

  • bobbie

    All u know is she needs to leave paramores songs alone she sucked at those,but she is way better than katy