Garbage’s “Blood For Poppies”: Hear A Snippet

It’s been a long, looong time since we got new music from Garbage — and upon first listen to the lead single from the upcoming album Not Your Kind Of People, we’re happy to report that they still “got it.” “Blood For Poppies” has a hint of that ol’ 90’s grunge, but it’s also upbeat and poppy enough that radio play shouldn’t be a problem. After only a couple of listens to the minute-long snippet, it’s already firmly planted in our heads. If Garbage is your kind of people, find a snippet below.

Over a razoring guitar riff and Butch Vig’s typically air-tight drums, we hear the return of Shirley Manson’s unmistakable vocals — a little deeper but just as haunting and seductive as ever. “I don’t know why they’re calling on the radio / They know I’m here just out of sight,” she sings.

Listen to Garbage’s “Blood For Poppies” here.

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