Bobbi Kristina Discusses Mom Whitney Houston With Oprah: Watch

Bobbi Kristina can feel her mother Whitney Houston‘s spirit pass through her on a daily basis. “She always says, at five o’clock in the morning, the saints wake up and they start praying,” the 19-year-old told Oprah Winfrey during their televised Oprah’s Next Chapter interview on OWN Sunday evening. “Every morning since then, I’ve woken up at five out of nowhere. I wake up and I start praying.” Whitney’s daughter said that she couldn’t be in the house the first night after her mother passed away last month, but she soon became at ease with returning home. “When I came back home I felt humbled,” Bobbi Kristina said. Watch below.

Bobbi Kristina, the daughter of Houston and former husband Bobby Brown, went on to tell Oprah that she remembers the things her famous mother taught her over the years. “I can still sit there and I can laugh with her. I can still sit there and I can still talk to her,” she said.

Throughout the interview, Bobbi Kristina nervously tugged at her hair, but she said she wanted to take part in Oprah’s program so that people could learn what an amazing spirit her mother truly was. “She wasn’t only a mother, she was a best friend. She was a sister, a comforter,” she told Winfrey.

Did you find Bobbi Kristina’s talk with Oprah to be moving?

  • Christopher Koulouris

    What though is bizarre is the claim that Bobbi had no sense of her mother’s fame/iconic status until she had passed away, which perhaps says more about how she was exposed to her mother in a state of redress, vulnerability that so few of us ever got to see.

    Could this then have been the lull that allowed Bobbi Kristina to also experiment with narcotics and delve into self abandon and disillusion,  the very thing said to have cost her mother’s life…?


    our parents are gift from God………despite the fact that they may not be in a position to give us everything we desire in our lives , they never lack what is very important to us….that is their UNCONDITIONAL LOVE……..Bobbi u can do it because she taught you the strength of a woman……..i also learn that when my mother could not afford my school fees to study the career i dream t of……OPRAH u are one in a million.