Adam Lambert’s “Better Than I Know Myself” Remix: Idolator Premiere

As much as we love Adam Lambert’s power ballad “Better Than I Know Myself” just as it is, Glambert’s song works even better as a sped-up club banger. The pop star glammed up his lead Trespassing single a few times over, and is releasing an EP’s worth of remixes of the tune on his website today! But why wait to jam? We’ve got the exclusive first listen of the Dave Aude remix below. Check it out!

Adam Lambert – “Better Than I Know Myself” (Dave Aude Remix)

What do you think of this dance-ready dubstep version of Lambert’s single? Let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.

  • Carla

    It is AWSOME!! I’m totally jumping up and down on my chair doing homework!

  • theo

    So far the Brad Walsh remix is my fav — this one is a lil too fast and the Alex Ghenea is a lil too slow ~ Goldilocks :)

  • theo

    Oohhh just heard the Robert Marvin Remix ——- HOT!!!!!!

  • Melissa Pauls

    oh WOW love love love the Dave Aude remix!

  • lc

    The Dave Aude one is Amazeballs. I like them all but two of them are real good club songs

  • Tonya

    LOVE it!!!

  • Dessa

    I LOVE ADAM….but this dont sound as good as the orginial…sowy…..but I STILL LOVE ADAM!!!!!!!! GLAMBERT <3 FOREVER BETCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  • Kalua Glambert

    The Robert Marvin Dub Step Version OF BTIKM is my fav so far. :)

  • Voltairie

    Sounds twitchy, not bewitching. Ultimately boring. Prefer the original but without the “whiny” intro.

  • Twisted_Sister

    “Glambert’s song works even better as a sped-up club banger”
    ehhh nope, not really. honestly the remixes are not really that good actually. Dubstep should never have that much vocals just look at korn’s poor attempt of dubstep for a better example. As for the other remixes, well, let’s just say that the original is waaaaay better. At least for me.

  • chineseglitter

    this is nice but just a little too fast..I prefer Adams’ version better. Most of this isn’t even what I would like to dance too.

  • Sam

    I prefer the original.
    Then again, I’ve yet to hear any remix I liked as much as the original song.

  • kat23

    you like that one… will love the one by Robert Marvin…
    check this out…this is sick good…heavy hard hitting dance beat…dub step masterpiece with Adam’s amazing vocals on it.

  • Isabel Felisha Sanchez

    Damnnnn! Dance!!!!!!!!

  • Alla Kovalkova

    Great interpretation! It’s fresh, so much power and freedom – you want to fly for you!

  • Tatyana Smolenskaya

    My favorite remix so far is Robert Marvin Remix . Just sick version, so good. Love it!!!

  • EvelynAguilar


  • DCB

    amazing! Loves it!