John Legend & Ludacris’ “Tonight (Best You Ever Had)” Video: Watch

John Legend offers up his contribution to the Think Like A Man soundtrack with the seductive “Tonight (Best You Ever Had)”. And if you’re going to think like a man, you may as well dress (or get undressed) like one, too — as long as that man happens to be John Legend. Watch the R&B crooner, as well as Ludacris, steam up your monitor in their new video below.

John Legend feat. Ludacris – “Tonight (Best You Ever Had)”

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  • Tina janon knazze

    john legend ‘s video was tight

  • Gregory Linden

    This video and a bottle of wine is all you need to loose your mind, body, soul, and sense of time.

  • CherryKake

    YES YES YES………..This video was like cool water being poured all over my thighs n legs on a hott summer day in the sun, ooooohhhh aaaaaaah. John Legend had me wanting him to become the best I ever had. I definately want him to prove it to me…..I mean ….I would defintely like him to. I have always and always will be a fan of John’s, but this video…..hmmmmmm……he has become my fantasy!!!!!(legs crossed n quivering).

  • Aiesha Lavita B

    woooow this song give me goose bumps all over sweeeeeet!!!