Lana Del Rey To Perform On ‘American Idol’

Despite tanking her first high-profile gig on US television, Lana Del Rey will appear and perform on American Idol, reports MJs Big Blog. The “Video Games” singer’s name was listed on audience members’ tickets along with Daughtry and Demi Lovato, who are scheduled to perform on Thursday’s results show, though Lana’s appearance will be pre-taped for another results show night. This may be one of the few times the Idol contestants come off as more experienced than the musical guest.

  • Alex H

    Umm excuse me? The idol contestants are more experienced than Lana??? Lana has been writing and creating music since she was 7 years old, do your research alittle more Idolator. Her vocal and writing talent outshines her performances, if that’s a problem to America, too bad.

  • Marybelle22

    ^agreed, Lana deserves just as much attention and appearances as any other artist. Just because her performances don’t include acrobats, theactric costumes and blood sacrifices- doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to share the American Idol stage with the likes of daughtry and Demi.

  • IHartMusik

    Lana is a breath of fresh air for the music biz. And I’d rather sit down and enjoy a laid back relaxing performance of Video Games or Born To Die, than watch an overhyped and trying-too-hard performance like Nicki Minaj at the Grammys or Lady Gaga at new years. And Idolator, don’t be hating- Lana has so much potential and don’t judge on just ONE SNL performance, Lana has some really good performances on YouTube that don’t get any attention!

  • Crispy980

    Lana had many tv performances before and after SNL. Idolator, why ignore European tv and other US shows like Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel? lol

    Some interesting Facts:
    1. Lana had the #1 album in the world during the album’s debut week.
    2. Lana has reached 1 million likes on Facebook. Pretty impressive for a new artist.
    3. Lana won 2012 Brit Award International Breakthrough Act (Previous winners: Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber)

    Btw, Jimmy Iovine likes and supports Lana, so maybe Jimmy isn’t fit to mentor the AI contestants? LOL

  • abeljose22

    Don’t understand what’s Becky Bain’s problem with Lana. to me Lana is the Biggest new act we have right now, by far the most interesting for sure.. IdolHATER.