Azealia Banks On Nicki Minaj And Her “Ugly Wigs And Ugly Costumes”

We’re currently in the middle of a resurgence of female rappers to take the music scene by storm — Azealia Banks, Iggy Azalia, Rye Rye, and even Karmin’s Amy Heidemann — and it’s obvious that most people would credit Nicki Minaj for paving the way. But not 20-year-old Banks, who told told VIBE, “I don’t think Nicki necessarily opened the door for anyone else but herself.” Allow Azealia to make her case below.

“I don’t think the door was ever closed for urban female artists,” said the “Needsumluv” MC. “There has always been a female killing it. Have we forgotten about Eve? Eve had hot records, movies, a TV show, fashion line, ad campaigns, etc. Right before Remy Ma went to jail, she was killing it, and was well on her way to the top. She had bars on bars on bars. Lil Mama also made a splash with ‘Lipgloss.’ Plus all the other alternative chicks like M.I.A. and [Santigold]. I don’t think Nicki necessarily opened the door for anyone else but herself,” she laughed.

She continues: “I think she’s doing a great job with what she’s doing. But I don’t think any of the current female rappers’ success’ are contingent upon anything Nicki Minaj did. It’s contingent upon our talents and creativity.”

She goes on to praise Pink Friday‘s beats, hooks and lyrics, and even calls Nicki “mad sexy”. But her main criticism is the “Stupid Hoe” rapper’s wild style. “I think a lot of the things she started doing with her look were distracting,” she says. “I think she’s talented enough to sustain a very fruitful career without the ugly wigs and ugly costumes.”

Is Banks throwing shade, or does she make a good point about Nicki’s theatricality? Let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.

[Via VIBE]

  • ritchie

    she’s totally throwing shade. its so obvious.

  • Jed Camara Ocot

    “I think a lot of the things she started doing with her look were distracting,” she says. “I think she’s talented enough to sustain a very fruitful career without the ugly wigs and ugly costumes.”

    funny, I think the same thing about Lady Gaga. I think it’s time for popstars and Nicki Minaj to get back to basics. Music has been so convoluted with lavish costumes, wigs, sky high shoes, glitter, unicorns, hair color changes, mermaids, whip cream bras….they need to lose all that unnecessary extras and just sing or rap a damn song.

    • Brandon Hall

      I sort of agree, but I don’t think it would be such an issue if everyone wasnt so up gagas ass, she really propelled this flashy movement and everyone is really riding her coat tails, nicki is by far the most shameless of the adaptors.

      • Phil

        You are just another Gaga fanatic, so blow your opinion up some other dudes bunghole, BRO

  • Real Talk

    Wake Up Becky Bain and do your research:

    What shade? She’s telling the absolute truth. You new media hypers and fans would love to credit Nicki who totally stole her style from Lil Kim. She’s right about their being dope female rappers before her. Not only Eve, Kim and Remy, but let’s not forget Foxxy Brown who’s a lyrical beast, Rah Digga, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill and so on. These females were and still are better than 90% of the male rappers in the game. Nicki went and got a fake butt and implants (yeah Kim had surgery but she’s still nice and better than Nicki on the mic) and is a gimmick with weak lyrics and metaphors that get her over whereas these previous women could have on a tee, tank and Jordans and KILL anything Nicki ever put out.

  • crystal

    sorry to say this u need to upgrade

  • Ants

    Well eveybody has their own style and own way of doing things. She Azealia can complain about Nicki Minaj all she wants and make fund of her wigs but yet her hair looks stupid in that picture..And last where is her music?

    • Pos

      All the articles about Azealia Banks dissing Nicki Minja are misleading…

  • Selina

    GURL, talk about your album… talk about your song, your style… what YOU got going on. not what nicki did or what she didn’t do or how you think she can sustain her career, DO YOU.

    • Nina cole

      We don’t have to have an album or songs to talk about somebody else’s. Are you seriously trying to say b/c we are not celebrity’s we cannot judge her. WOW. That’ is a pathetic argument that holds no weight. She puts herself in the public eye. That is how she makes a living. People will like her or dislike her. You cannot tell people to shut up b/c they don’t like her lmao or think she is not talented or whatever they may think. That is the stupidest thing I have ever read. Stay up her ass, we don’t need you in the real world.

    • staninator

      Calm down and stop staning selina. Nicki doesn’t want to be your friend, and she isn’t gonna text you boo.

    • luv90′s

      she did an interview. the interviewer ask her a specific question about nicki and she answered. that’s usually what happens during an interview

  • Doka

    ORRR you could not watch the music videos and just LISTEN to the music?

  • Doka

    Go on youtube and type 212. You will hear her awesomeness.

  • Baby

    Her music is gaining popularity. Its a lot more stylistically and lyrically strong than Nicki Minaj is now. You can think her hair looks stupid all you want…but it is in fact HER hair, not a wig. Which was her complaint. I think what she said was truthful and in no way disrespectful.

  • chloe from oxford

    its the straight truth- people should speak the truth about what they think of other artists- that’s what art is about

    what she says about nicki is true- nicki used to have it and its a damn shame she dresses like a gimp and pumps out vacuous and mindlessly offensive pop hits like stupid hoe just to get attention… the way nicki and lil kim get changed by the industry makes women look weak

  • pacman\

    that’s not her hair!she barely has edges!and she is arrogant like nicki!she will fade fast too!no humbleness!

    • Darran McAteer


  • roman Pierce

    its simple shade is being thrown! the wigs the costumes are apart of pop and theater culture and nicki really shows and expresses that which gives the fans something to really grasp or Gasp and then grow into it…think about it….lady gaga with all her weirdness…we grew to love it am just saying!

  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

    She is so right

  • kayleigh

    Who cares about wigs and looks, she does what she wants to do, why have a problem with that.. shes made it to where she is now so how can you all critisize, she has obviously done something right.. i dont see anyone here as big as nicki! I think shes amazing, shes doing so well. Everyone should stop brown nosing because banks brought out one good song.

  • joey

    i love nicki one of my favorite artist but azealia is so talented in her own right, i do think nicki opened the door for the female rappers maybe it was never closed but she opened it wider and i feel if azealia had come out with 212 before nicki she would be doing just as well they are both amazing and she is not throwing shade.

  • lol

    How is she going to talk about ugly wigs and costumes, when she herself wears ugly wigs and costumes?

  • work on house

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    My theory is that Lady Gaga “paved the way” only in the sense that widespread acceptance of her style probably spurred record labels to capitalize off of other existing artists with similar styles.

    And yes, LG and NM can both be distracting but as much as I love Banks right now she’s also got a lot of sound and crazy stuff going on too, just no alter egos and toppling over-herself to constantly top-herself. AB seems like a bit of an extremist, too, an intense fiery person.

  • DeLady

    Once again, to thine own self be true. I do not appreciate another artist’s critique of an other artist’s creative individuality. If the critics, critique it, well then they are doing their jobs. If the fans, critic it, well then they are paying their money. But another artist–uh uh–nope it just does not go across the grain of my own intelligent ability to say what I like or dislike about an artist’s style or “hype.” The whole industry is about somebody’s gimmick and you sure as “heaven” gotta have one. To be noticed and really noticed you’ve got to do your own creative “thing.” Whatever it is. We are not looking for industry clones, we are pausing to see entertainment. To each’s own. Who really cares. After all is said and done it’s how you have accomplished what you set out to do. Showcase. Broadcast your skills, talents and gifts to a waiting audience who came to see you do just that. After all is really said and done every human being is going to leave the performance with whatever they took from it and go about their own business and live the lives that they have made for themselves. But when the spotlight is on and you are the artist you must give the people a show. That’s all it is. A show. Let’s leave it there. And dress or fashion sense or costuming is just that. Wear this, wear that. And then take it off. I really want to see some good rhyming, vibe-ing, jive-ing, soulful truth, hardcore reality, straight up talent. I don’t care what you are wearing and then I will look just for eye-candy. Just something to see, colors, style or not, traditional, non-traditional, hip-hop, flip flop, vogue, in vogue or not. It’s all about entertainment, my people.