Jason Mraz Covers ‘Instinct’, Takes A Stand For Marriage Equality

In case you weren’t aware, “I Won’t Give Up” crooner Jason Mraz is quite the advocate for marriage equality. So it seems fitting that the singer-songwriter/Etta James fan would choose gay mag Instinct as one of the outlets to promote upcoming LP Love Is A Four Letter Word (out April 17) in. There’s just one surprising factor: in its 15-year history, Instinct has never put a straight man on the cover — until now. “And after years of quietly supporting numerous LGBTQ organizations and charities, we thought it was time for this unsung ally to get a little respect,” the magazine notes. Catch some quotes from Mraz’s April cover story below!

“One of my best friends in high school came out when I was a senior, and I thought that was one of the bravest things in the world,” Mraz, whose songs have been covered on shows such as American Idol and Glee, tells Instinct. “Where we came from, it just wasn’t the popular thing to do or be. It made me more of a risk taker in my own life because I saw the example of the way he was living in just being himself.”

The singer, whose lovey-dovey 2008 smash “I’m Yours” has been certified six times Platinum, admitted to the magazine that his personal decision not to get married until gay marriage is legal, put an irreparable strain on his previous relationship: “I put myself in the position and said, ‘Now I really know what it feels like to look at my partner and know that I can’t get married.’”

“I’ve never really talked about this, but after a couple of months, she was like, ‘This is kinda fucked up because I really want to get married and have some babies,’” he says, quickly noting that while she believed in the fight for equality, like many gay couples probably feel, got frustrated having to wait. “We eventually broke up and I think that was one of the factors. I am a stand for [marriage equality], as well as a number of causes, and I discovered that my partner wasn’t. It’s still absolutely something I stand behind and feel today.”

Instinct‘s April issue goes on sale next week.

  • Cory

    That’s awesome! Good on Jason for stepping up for the gay community.

  • lola

    that’s sweet of him — i just wish he didnt look like yanni now.

  • Emily

    I’d love for Mr. Mraz to explain how his refusing to marry the woman he was engaged to until gay marriage became legal helps in the fight for equality for gay couples. Exactly how was that to help the cause? Perhaps donating the massive amount of money he is making off of the song he wrote ABOUT HER towards a campaign to educate the public about marriage equality would be a more productive thing to do. But to demean the woman he once said was his muse, who he said was partly responsible for the man he had become, is really, really sickening. Especially since there is ample evidence to the contrary as to what her stand on marriage equality is. I’m flabberghasted at his insensitivity.

    • Mark

      Really? How about he donate some money? He has donated ridiculous amounts and has been a supporter publicly in so many ways. What a disgusting thing to say. He has barely said anything about their breakup while she has always publicly bashed him. Posting on twitter that she would have sold that “beautiful custom made engagement ring” on eBay if she still had it? That’s your golden girl? He didn’t demean her. He said it was a factor which it was. If she really knew him she would have known he had already PUBLICLY said he wouldn’t do it and wasn’t gonna to back on his word. And not getting married till its legal for everyone is a BEAITIFUL thing to do. To give up that right until everyone can share it is fantastic and for you to demean that is ridiculous. But of course a straight girl with no problems and everything handed to her wouldn’t necessarily see the beauty in that because you can get married and divorced all in one day to someone you’ve known five hours and no one would say anything to you but two people who’ve been together ten years have to fight for that right and they greatly appreciate someone giving up their right to do that until they have the right to be recognized as a couple.

  • John

    Not a very flattering photo.

    • Me


  • Kate

    I’m absolutely 100% with you. Tristan does not deserve this, and he sounds like an arrogant jerk.

  • Emily

    So busted.

    The woman he broke up with responds:


    And she is NOT happy.

  • Haley

    Supporting Equality doesn’t give up the right to stomp all over the people who love you, dude. You sound like a raging egomaniac in this article.

  • Joey Wright

    Team Tristan all the way. I used to worship the ground this guy walked on, but he’s changed. I miss the Jason Mraz of 2003. BTW: i support marriage on the grounds of love. if you find someone you love, you should be able to marry them. regardless if they are a man or woman.

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  • Maggs

    This is just a piece of a larger story, right? How about we wait and reserve judgement on him until we can read the whole thing…

  • Judith

    Unbelievable. Way to just brush over your entire relationship history and undeservedly call out your ex-fiancée in this article. Because that’s exactly what it sounds like. What an insensitive, egotistical thing to say about someone who you said you adored. Completely disrespectful.

  • Ron

    Jason’s comment might have been taken out of context. Keep in mind this is Instinct magazine, not a bastion of good journalism. They use ampersands on their covers.

  • Dee

    TP has made a lot of public comments about JMraz and their breakup over the last few months. Meanwhile, to the best of my knowledge, this is the first time he has said anything about the matter. He is entitled to feel whatever he wants to about it. This is his side of the story and she obviously has her’s. And her story, in her response to this article on her blog, was more insensitive, rude and private. In the end though, if their mutual friends can stay friends with both of them, what right does the public have to choose the music of one over the other if it’s good music.

  • mae

    I’m sorry, I don’t see how preventing yourself from marrying the woman you that love as advocating for gay marriage. Two completely separate things. It’s like apples to oranges. I think he didn’t want to marry her. He’s just hiding this fact behind the veil of “equal marriage for all.” Whatever.

  • PS

    what a tool.
    team TP all the way

  • http://aliciaelizabeth.blogspot.com alicia

    To stand up for something is noble-
    but to knock someone down on your way up

    Love is respect.

    What an embarrasing “spokesperson” to be shouting about the “ideas” love and respect while he has NONE for those that have shared his love.

    -a disappointed fan

  • Kim C

    Wow. Total egomaniac. Ever notice how in Jason’s interviews/articles he paints himself to be SO GREAT. I used to love his music..but the more time that goes on I can barely stand him.

  • Silvio

    Please people he was not into her anymore. Wake up.

  • kaya

    Wow, this is really disappointing.

    I guess he was happy to make money on their relationship, but not to have to listen to her needs as his partner.

    Marriage equality on a national level is important and standing up for that cause is wonderful; but who can be a spokesperson for equality on a national level when he can’t even implement it in his own relationship. Disappointing.

    Thank you, however, Mr. Mraz for introducing me to Tristan’s music. She is the wonderful, open-minded person that you have pretended to be for so long.

  • Peegan Renault

    Love his music and glad for his stand on this issue, but basically blaming his ex and this subject for the breakup is kind of immature. He’s a 30 something musician with the world at his feet and he wasn’t ready to settle down. He should just say so and take the lump or be quiet. Mraz seems to have a bad case of needing people to see him as perfect, and no one is.

  • Cory

    It doesn’t sound like he’s blaming her. It says this was a part of the breakup.

  • Laurie

    “Just be honest with me” isn’t that one of your lyrics. I love that song. Jason I acknowledge you for always being love, for telling the truth, for taking responsibility for your part in relationships and for always being willing to publicly acknowledge your mistakes.

  • Georgia

    Tristan deserves better. OF COURSE she supports gay marriage. He is making out as if she is anti-gay and doesnt care. It’s very unfair of Jason to say that

  • Laurie

    How ironic ..The Jonas Brothers photo in the Big New box …perfect!

  • Laurie

    *oops ..Buzzworthy news ..anyway Jason the Universe is calling you … they sent the Jonas brothers to flag you down.

  • Germain

    Jason is an ass for what he did to Tristan alone THEN turns it into a tool to promote himself and his new record. PUKE. He doesn’t deserve to be the first straight man on your magazine…

  • lt3

    Jason Mraz is a self-absorbed coward. I used to be a huge fan. But he consistently disgusts me with the things he says and the way he acts. Now he’s exploiting the gay community for more publicity. What an attention whore. I loved his music, but I can barely even listen to it anymore without rolling my eyes. Try practicing what you preach, Jason. And I don’t mean taking 400 instagram photos of yourself to publish on twitter and your blog so that everybody knows how awesome you think you are. Try doing something good for the world or yourself without bragging about it for a change.

  • Emily

    What a lame apology. He apologized for the way his words ‘landed’ in the interview. They didn’t ‘land’ anywhere; he spoke them and they were untrue and hurtful. Man up, Mraz, and stop being such a dick.

  • Georgia

    It3 – i completely agree with you. i used to love his music and had great respect for him, but i’ve learnt that he is all talk. never takes responsibility, always shifts the blame or tries to turn it into some deep soul searching event. Grow up, Jason.
    Tristan, on the other hand, is gorgeous. She is so open, honest and genuine all of the time, rather than just trying to create a good image for herself.