Chris Brown Photo With So-Called Transgender Fan Surfaces, Internet Reacts

Chris Brown is causing controversy yet again, this time for posing for a pic with a fan that has referred to by the slur term “TRANNEY” (their spelling, not ours!) — i.e. a transgendered person. The site then stirred things up further with the “Turn Up The Music” singer with this caption: “Look at the way Chris is CHEESING . . . and the way he’s leaning in like that . . . we knew it!!!” (Uh, knew what, exactly?) At any rate, online users are flooding various sites with comments on the somewhat innocent pic. Below, see how people are weighing in, and then let us know your own thoughts. Of course, the back story most folks are referencing is Brown’s late-2010 Twitter feud with onetime B2K member Raz-B (real name: De’Mario Thornton), who had previously admitted to being molested by another male. When Raz called out Chris via a tweet for “disrespecting women” like Rihanna, Breezy tweeted back, calling him various slurs and using the hashtag #homothug.

Brown himself apparently tweeted in reaction to the photo Media Take Out published yesterday: “MTO!!! I have all kinds of fans that come to my shows! I respect each an every one of them!” The tweet has since been deleted from his account.

The site quipped, “That’s funny coming from a man who went on a homophobic Twitter rant in 2010 — but maybe Brown is growing up. Good for him.”

We should point out that, just because the individual in the photo appears to be male and wearing a wig and women’s clothing, there is no solid proof that the person pictured with Chris Brown identifies as being gay or transgendered.

That said, below are some comments we gathered up from online users on the matter. Check them out and let us know if you agree that Brown has indeed grown up when it comes to LGBT fans and individuals, and using homophobic slang.

:: “I thought he was homophobic tbh. Guess he isn’t and this is one of the only good things I can actually be able to praise him for” — ItsAllen, via the ATRL forum

:: “I’m probably Chris’ biggest hater, but even I have to admit that this was in good taste what he did. I may have even gained a percentage of respect from him for doing this.” — Panthera, via the ATRL forum

:: “He just won my support. I thought he hated the LGBT community, guess he doesnt. He knows the true tea, the gay community takes you to greater heights career wise” — L.B GAGA, via the ATRL forum

:: “Alot of artists wouldn’t have taking that pic, glad to know CB isn’t one of them.” — IWasHere, via the ATRL forum

:: “He does a bunch of nice, good things all the time, they just don’t get as much attention as the negative shit because people choose to disregard them.” — FAME., via the ATRL forum

:: “MTO, you know you dead ass wrong if you look like a bigger asshole than Chris Brown” — sequined_bones, via ONTD

:: “I’d like it if chris had no fans” — superdogbiter, via ONTD

:: “So…what’s the problem? Besides Chris Brown’s existence?” — goofusgallant, via ONTD

:: “I love that even his fans lean away from him.” — missfit_ness, via ONTD

:: “i am confused, what is the ‘news’ or ‘controversy’ here?” — johnosahon, via The Huffington Post

:: “Too bad Rhianna isn’t built like that.” — CogentThought, via The Huffington Post

:: “Perhaps he learned his lesson. Perhaps he is becomming a better person. At least I hope so, and if so, good on you Mr Brown.” — CogentThought (again), via The Huffington Post

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