Madonna’s ‘MDNA’ Track “Beautiful Killer”: Listen To A Snippet

Another Martin Solveig-produced song snippet from Madonna’s MDNA has hit the web: after the Nicki Minaj-featuring “I Don’t Give A” comes “Beautiful Killer”, which is a bit more moderately paced than some of her other surfaced tracks, and a bit more sadistic — with Madge on the receiving end of the sadism. “Can’t really talk with a gun in my mouth / Maybe that’s what you’ve been dreaming about,” sings the pop star. Listen below.

Madonna – “Beautiful Killer” (Snippet)

Solveig, responsible for last year’s irresistible single “Hello” with Dragonette, also produced “Give Me All Ur Luvin’”, in addition to album cut (and potential single?) “Turn Up The Radio”. Listen to a brief preview of “Radio”:

Madonna – “Turn Up The Radio” (Snippet)

What do you think of these MDNA tracks so far? Sound off below, and don’t forget to vote in Round 2 of our Madonna March Madgeness Tournament!

  • Mark Daniel Snyder

    Fun and poppy. This is totally the Madonna I love – it’s like a mix between her confessions and her beautiful stranger era. love.

  • Dannii Luo

    Sorry, can’t really talk with a gun in my mouth! Beautiful Killer is understated pop at it’s finest. This is one bonus track that is as equally fabulous as YOUR HONESTY !

    OMG! despite the chart disappointments of Girl Gone Wild (, MDNA is gearing up to be a no.1 album accross the Globe!

  • MusicManDave

    This is POP at best. This album is gearing up to be one amazing record.

  • ric

    These snippets are terrible. I’ll save my judgement for when i finally hear the full album but it just sounds so generic, sugary pop.

  • lacy

    this album is shaping up to be her worst yet
    i mean the first two singles absolutely sucked ass
    and these snippets aren’t any better

    idk but on all the current songs her voice sounds so generic and weak and the lyrical and thematic content is abysmal

    i mean seriously madonna stans always bash gaga for having “horrible” songs and this is what madonna gives us??? seriously i expected better from the supposed queen of pop

  • nano

    theres a preview of Best Friend now