One Direction Will Have Own Show On Nickelodeon?

Mar 17th, 2012 // 16 Comments

Over the past week or so, One Direction have managed to pack Rockefeller Plaza with hundreds of screaming girls, sell enough records to make them the first U.K. group in history to top the Billboard 200 chart with a debut album and snag a musical guest spot on Saturday Night Live in April. And now the British quintet have signed on to star in their own show on Nickelodeon.

“The rumors are true, our live-action slate does include a development project for @onedirection. Welcome to the family!” Nickelodeon tweeted after the network put on its upfront presentation in New York City on March 14.

There have been no other details on what the TV show’s storyline or how the band members will be portrayed. And according to other sources, some members of the band are a bit sketch about the project altogether. Either way with Nickelodeon successes like Victorious and Big Time Rush, the potential for a One Direction series could potentially be another success for the network.

And if you can’t get enough of them, One Direction will be performing on this year’s Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and appearing in a future iCarly episode.

What do you think about One Direction having their own show on Nickelodeon? What should it be about? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter and in the comments.


  1. Actually, they arent having their own show. They confirmed if yesterday on their lave chat. Liam said that they just want to focus on their singing and arent going to have their own show. :)

  2. faye

    its amazing they have their own show yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love 1D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. sid


  4. wen do dey have the live chats i wana watch em!!!!!!!! also if dere not havin dere own show alot of ppl r quna b happy cuz ppl dint want em on Nick cuz it wuz quna change em u now?

  5. Katrina

    i have to be honest. this actually the worst idea i hav ever heard…. they are just going to change into the group that isnt them its gonna be embarassing to be a directioner. WE DONT WANT THEM TO CHANGE they have to stay themselves. PLEASE guys dont do this

  6. Shannon

    Worst idea ever. I’d rather have Harry start dating Caroline Flack again -.-

  7. Directioner

    Are you sure about that? Tell me, do you know the boys’ full names by HEART? Or their parents’ names? Have you watched all their videos on youtube and stalked them like a lunatic? Have you virtually kissed all of them? If someone ever asked you “How many r’s” what would you say? Tell me, would you like to be surrounded by 8 year olds calling themselves “Directionators?” Because if you didn’t know, it’s directioners (:

  8. Directioner

    @ Socorro They have live twit cam chats on twitter. and please, learn how to spell. We know Liam has a hard time spelling on twitter but you don’t have to too. AKA yahh dey do dere live stuff on twitter. yehh, los of pplz not happy cuz they qunno hate emm on Nick! dey tink dat is to childish fo da 1D boyzzzz.

  9. Kayela

    the show could be about that one direction has school on thier first day then 5 cute girls showed up and all the members of one direction fall in love with them they each fall in love with each girls then the girls say hi and they say wanna be friends and then later after school they all hang out at the pizza store then one of the boy asked thier crush girl and one of the boys said to a girl that they wanna be more than just being a friend then BOOM your together

    i WILL TELL YOU MORE IF YOU WANT GO TO FACEBOOK.COM AND HERE IS MY NAME monyneterkayela type that and i will tell you more

  10. Kayla

    ok if they do have a tv show i dont want it to be like Big time ruch i want it to be like their video diaries where they make jokes and do funny stuff or just like a biography about them or something……..Also Like this If They should have a movie like Justin Bieber did!

  11. Kayla


  12. fans12xy12

    We think they should stick to shows and sold out concerts…Fans in the Stands

  13. viv

    they can have a show if they feel like it

  14. alyssa

    they should only have a show if they won’t change.

  15. nina

    harry niall zayn you guys are so hot

  16. no

    it got cancelled bc the whole fandom hated it bye

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