Oprah Interviews Lady Gaga On ‘Next Chapter’: Watch

Lady Gaga and her mother Cynthia invited Oprah Winfrey into their New York City home for Mother Monster’s two-hour Oprah’s Next Chapter interview (which, as it turns out, also happened to be Cynthia’s very first televised interview). The Gagas showed O family photos, the church right across from their outdoor terrace and the piano the Grammy-winning songstress has composed many of her songs on (including her 2011 hit “The Edge Of Glory”). The 26-year-old also confessed to Oprah her desire to have many children, talked about being bullied as a young girl and announced her much-discussed media blackout: “Other than this interview, Oprah, I don’t intend to speak to anyone for a very long time. I have to shut out the noise.” Watch the interview in full below.

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  • Evan

    It’s amazing how grounded and normal she and her family are. I don’t think many people could reach that level of fame and remain so grounded and humble!

  • http://www.quotesforafriend.com Quotes For A Friend

    I agree Evan. I am not a fan of all her music her first album was better than her last but to attain that level of fame and not let it get to her head is cool. Good for her

  • Evan

    Thanks! I think The Fame Monster is her best work so far. Born This Way was slightly underwhelming and obviously hasn’t been as much of a commercial success as The Fame and Fame Monster were, but I am confident Gaga will learn from this and that her next album will be far superior. Afterall, as this interview makes obvious, she is a very smart, talented and creative woman! And I think the media hiatus is genius! She has been so omnipresent that people have grown sick and tired of her, unfortunately, and she needs to make people miss her. I believe that when she eventually comes out with a new album, she will come back with a vengeance and rightfully take her place alongside Adele as the rulers of pop music! :)