B.o.B Premieres “Where Are You (B.o.B Vs. Bobby Ray)”

Ahead of upcoming LP Strange Clouds (out May 1), B.o.B has released a B.o.B-less promo video for new tune “Where Are You (B.o.B Vs. Bobby Ray)”. The piano-laced jam is somewhat in the Eminem “Stan” vein, as it’s from the perspective of three different people: one an old friend who laments how much the rapper has changed since he became famous; one a longtime fan who also rakes the MC over the coals for not sticking to his roots; and the third is B.o.B himself. Listen below.B.o.B — “Where Are You (B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray)”

The common thread that brings the friend, fan and even B.o.B back from the brink of giving up on the Atalanta MC’s music is a “familiar melody”, which we hear as a tinkling of piano keys and a chorus of layered backing vocals.

Like with current single “So Good”, it’s refreshing to hear Bobby Ray getting back to melodic tracks that don’t involve lyrics about strippers and cash. Well, come to think of it, this one makes references to both of those things, but at least it’s done with a bit of self-awareness!

What do you think of B.o.B.’s latest offering from Strange Clouds?