Train’s “Drive By” Video: Watch An Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Clip

Last month Northern Cali pop-rockers Train appropriately premiered their romantic “Drive By” video on Valentine’s Day. But just what went down when the trio hit up Napa Valley to shoot the clip for their first single off the band’s upcoming California 37 (out April 17)? Head below to watch all the behind-the-scenes grape-crushing, wine-drinking and muscle car action that happened under the direction of Alan Ferguson.Train — “Drive By” (Behind The Scenes)

While on the set, Train frontman Pat Monahan spoke highly of “Drive By” director Alan Ferguson. “As soon as I met him I was like, ‘Man, I hope we make a video with you, because you’re the kind of person that is rare. When you meet a person like you, you just want to be around you as often as possible’.”

“Drive By” is currently parked at #8 on iTunes. What do you think of this inside look at Train on the set of their latest music video? Let us know below, or by hitting us up on Twitter and Facebook!