Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” Video Premieres: Watch Now

“I’m a bad girl anyway,” Madonna croons on the bridge to her second MDNA single “Girl Gone Wild.” And if the accompanying video is any indication, she’s right. Harkening back to the black-and-white mixture of eroticism and glamor in her iconic “Vogue” visual, the clip (directed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott) features the “Some Girls” diva and a cadre of comely shirtless gentlemen (some in high heels!) getting down with their bad selves (along with some Inception-style gravity defiance). Watch below.

Madonna — “Girl Gone Wild”

When we initially previewed the video, it didn’t look like much except a rehash of past Madonna visuals. But we’re happy to report that we L-U-V the video in full!

Sure, you could call “Girl Gone Wild” reductive for the way it recalls past Madge vids like “Vogue” and “Justify My Love,” but it still feels fresh and has an identity all its own that aligns perfectly with the Material Girl’s signature blend of sex, style, and sophistication. The homoeroticism alone is enough to ensure that Madge certainly hasn’t lost her edge when it comes to pushing those hot buttons.

Do you think Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” video stands up to the pantheon of classics currently battling it out in our Madonna March Madness tournament? Sound off in the comments, or on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Dannii Luo

    OMG! the teaser didn’t give the idea away! This is something only Madonna can pull off. Best of all she is dancing to a routine again! Now this is a twist of energy and homo-eroticism in an elegant video. It would have been better if she at least incorporated WOMEN just for the sake of “girls they just wanna have some fun” but then again, this is awesome still!

    Madonna just keeps getting better and better…

  • Ricardo

    YESS best video shes made in years!!

  • Justin M.

    wowza. That was AMAAAAZING! A true visual feast! Thrilling choreography, stunning and gorgeous visuals, with just enough religious references and controversy to make it a legit Madonna video! Madonna’s dancing is top notch….if you didn’t know better you’d watch this video and think she was still in her 20s! L-U-V it!

  • lacy

    her dancing is weaker and the choreo was so simple… the controversial religious references are getting worn out bcuz she always uses them

    the song sucks too
    what happened to her older songs like frozen???

  • Dannii Luo

    Scenes from her past videos are lightly referenced: Erotica, Express Yourself, Vogue, Human Nature, Bad Girl, Celebration… just to name the most distinct ones. Black & White scenes, hunks, chains, smoke, and leather complete the sexually-charged qualities of the upbeat video : Erotic & Artistic.

  • Chris

    Bitch is horny and so am I, great to see sluty Madonna back in full force! :D

  • John

    Great video for bad ‘reductive’ song!

  • Vladimir Movsesian

    Some guys in high heels make the Ukranian boy-band “Kazaky”
    Here’s the link to their video:

  • Sean

    Her big hair reminds me of Adele’s

  • loool

    It looks just like Alejandro and Vogue. . . But the songs pretty good :P

  • MusicManDave

    She’s bringing sexy back! Love it!

  • Neo

    It’s all been done before. She’s not reinventing herself but repeating the past and copying her contemporaries (Gage, Kylie, etc.) in what looks like a very desperate attempt at relevance. The intro is completely blashemous and somehow it’s OK with everyone for her to disrespect God & Christianity like it’s some joke and then call it artistic freedom. This woman detests the very nature of goodness. The only thing she hasn’t done is throw a middle finger at the sky, but then again, she’s not done yet, right?

  • rnb

    I grew up with Madonna. She was a fabulous artist then and she continues to be today.

  • rnb

    I absolutely agree. Some individuals just don’t seem to get it. Sad for them.

  • rnb

    ***continued. I agree in that Madonna is an amazing artist.

    The choreography…everything is superb.

    It really is sad that some do not have the ability to appreciate a true artistic and vibrant nature. Sadly, their heads are stuck in the mud.

  • kat

    Retire and act you’re age…song sucks!

  • Damian

    I agree with Vladimir

    It’s a total Kazaky rip off!

  • isaac mitchell

    Whoever doesn’t like the vid is STUPID! Also Madonna is not Old so shut the hell up! She’s in better shape than you are!

  • http://LiamXGaga.Tumblr.Com LiamXGaga

    This song was the wrong choice. She really, REALLY, should’ve gone with, “Gang Bang”. That song sounds original, no matter how weird it is. MDNA is okay, just she’s trying too hard.

  • Brontie

    I would LOVE this, except for the blatant cigarette promotion in this clip. How much was she discretely paid by cigarette companies for the smoke-laden air pollution in this video? Give us a break.

  • Jonathan

    This video is a rip off of Kylie Minogue, except much more slutty. Madonna still has to use sex to sell….she is hardly going to rely on her voice now is she!

  • someone

    you dont like it dont watch its that easy, she is not for everybody,

  • John Landau

    Poor taste. Scandalous. Why doesn’t she use her voice to glorify God instead of mocking Him and His Blessed Mother? Obviously she has a lot of un-resolved Catholic issues. Will ask God to forgive her.

  • John Landau

    Poor taste!

  • gcandles

    Wow! She completely out-did herself on this one. That was her best video yet!!! Can’t believe it. Great video Madonna! Way to go!!!!

  • Gustivo

    Nothing new. Kylie’s dancers have done that already. Not sexy but slutty.

  • Richard Craig Morales

    Great song and a fun video. Some of you are desperately looking for similarities in other things and finding them like Jesus in a grilled cheese. Here’s one for ya, Madonna wasn’t the first woman to wear high heels ever, next she’s going to take a piss and you’re going to say it’s been done before haha. Enjoy it for what it is, it’s fun. She’s the real deal.