Jada Pinkett Smith Scorches On Wicked Evolution’s “Burn”

Oh, that musical Smith family! Of course we’ll never forget that movie star Will Smith got his start as a rapper on such legendary tracks as “Parents Just Don’t Understand,” and Jaden and Willow have kept our ears pretty busy over the past couple of years, too. But if there’s one member of this clan we don’t think about much in musical terms, it’s mom Jada Pinkett Smith. However, Popdust has helpfully reminded us that, yes, all four members of this family are musical geniuses, as Jada sings in the band Wicked Evolution, which has just released the video for “Burn” (which is kind of like a grown-up version of “Fireball”). Watch it below.

Wicked Evolution — “Burn”

We’re pretty sure Willow would approve of that ‘do, too.

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