Whitney Houston’s Cause Of Death Ruled An Accidental Drowning By Coroner

Well, it’s official — the Los Angeles County coroner has confirmed that Whitney Houston’s February 11 death was an accidental drowning, according to People. But heart disease and cocaine use were also factors in her early demise, as the legendary diva had cocaine in her system at the time of her drowning, in addition to marijuana, Benadryl, and other medications. Find out more below.

The news was confirmed this afternoon, following the singer’s surprising death the day before the Grammys. Houston was found unconscious underwater in her bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and pronounced dead at the scene. She left everything to her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown and is still widely mourned in the music industry by artists who worked with her and were inspired by her.

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  • Linda Rodarte

    “There is a video clip of Whitney & sister in-law Pat, leaving the Tru nightclub nightclub after Kelly Price just performed that night. As Whitney is coming out of club, she is surrounded and hounded by the press. There is this light skinned African American guy and they immediately embrace very tightly! You can overhear parts of the conversation among all the media, which is concerning! . Here is what I could make out amongst all the noise from the press. I could not make out what Whitney said to him first, but his response to her was “Trust Me” Then she said something again? Then he said to her “Yes! Yes!, I’ve Got You, I’m Just Waiting For YOU! To Call Me”. HE STRESSED TO HER, THAT HE WAS WAITING FOR HER TO CALL HIM. Then they let go of each other’s embrace, She stroked his cheeks very SEDUCTIVELY! Cupping his face with both of her hands before slowing letting go, like she was really RELYING ON HIM FOR SOMETHING! As if she needed REASSURANCE! That he was going to come through for her with whatever she was needing. Is this what he meant by saying to her “TRUST ME, YES! YES! IV”E GOT YOU” Then you hear her call for her daughter ” Krissy, Come On” Then she assists her daughter into the car. To me Whitney, did not seem high or drunk yet! I can’t help but think that she may have gotten a BAD FATAL DOSE OF COCAINE from this person. WHO IS HE?
    ALSO! Why did all these ENABLERS! (family, staff, etc.) ALLOW!! Whitney to even DRINK AT ALL!! An addict is to refrain from ALL! Mood-Altering Substances to PREVENT! A SPIRLING CYCLE AGAIN! ALSO! Whitney was in Los Angeles WAY TO EARLY!! TOO LONG!!! WRONG SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT for a DRUG ADDICT) To be left ALONE! WANDERING! Drawing ATTENTION! To Herself ALL! WEEK with TOO MUCH TIME UNSUPERVISED! Extra! Caution! Should have been taken to PROPERLY! MONITOR her BEHAVIOR! While she was in LA for eight (8) days’s prior to Clive Davis party. How IRONIC! Pat Houston was on LOWER LEVEL and Whitney on was on the 4TH FLOOR of the Hotel. How SAD!!, Whitney had called Pat TWICE!! That morning because she had NOT!! YET SEEN Pat’s face THAT DAY> Pat states that for SOME REASON? She NEVER! Called Whitney back or went to see her until it was TOO LATE!!! She was ALREADY DEAD!!!!! So I wonder and ask WHY? Was EVERYTHING! OUT OF THE ORDINARY! On This PARTICULAR! Day?

  • http://www.facebook.com/georgevhill George Vreeland Hill

    Like Amy Winehouse, Whitney’s system simply said enough.
    Drugs kill.
    The people around Houston in the final days are just as responsible for her death as Whitney herself.

    George Vreeland Hill

  • Ally S

    You bring up a very valid point about those around Whitney who enabled her. She should not have been allowed to drink alcohol! I’m sure she had been abusing cocaine and other drugs for quite some time. This person you saw in the video is just one of many people who enabled her. When someone with addiction also has fame and fortune like Ms. Houston, those closest to her can also be her worst enemy. I’m not blaming any one person for Ms. Houston’s death except for Whitney Houston herself. However; when someone suffers such an addiction problem like her, the entire group of family & friends needs to seek counseling and therapy so they do not enable her addiction.