Laurieann Gibson Left Lady Gaga When Things Got Too “Dark And Heavy”: Watch

Laurieann Gibson, former choreographer-turned-creative-director for Lady Gaga, is speaking up about her parting from Mother Monster’s entourage. Last November it was announced that Gibson would no longer be collaborating with Gaga. She initially stated that she decided to “step away” and was “very proud” of Gaga. But in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, Gibson spills a bit more info as to why she split.

“No judgment, but it just got a little dark for me, creatively,” Gibson said during the program. She later added, “I think it just reached the point where I wanted to keep the brand that I had helped build a little purer and still accessing the kids, and it was fun for me. But gets difficult when it gets a little dark and heavy.”

Pure and kid-friendly? How to explain, then, Gibson’s work on Nicki MInaj’s scandalous Grammy exorcism of alter ego Roman Zolanski, then?

“I said, you wanna do what? I said, oh, lord, pray for me — I need a little help with this vision,” Gibson told ET. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, it seems, Laurieann.

What do you think of the choreographer’s comments about cutting ties with Lady Gaga? Do you feel there’s still more to the story that we’re not hearing about? Let us know below.

[Via ONTD]

  • John

    Grammy performance of Nicki ‘Stupid Hoe’ Minaj says ALL!
    Goodbye bitch, it’s good thing that Gaga fired ur ass!

  • Elijah

    I think Laurieann is trying to cover her ass. Her ego was getting out of control near the end of her collaboration with Gaga, and that undoubtedly caused friction. Gaga loves to give credit to those around her, but I’m sure Laurieann’s insistence on claiming credit for SO much near the end of her tenure with Gaga was a problem. That, and Laurieann’s attacks on Gaga’s fans, whether provoked or not, went against Gaga’s attitude of putting Little Monsters first.

  • Alex Morales

    Is she retarded ? What you think you did for the Nicki Stupid Hoe performance at the Grammys ? She just an attention seeking hoe ! Now that shes not getting the attention from the media shes trying to use Lady Gagas name and create drama to get attention. Just like Madonna and that other stupid hoe Nicki Minaj ! LADY GAGA IS THE QUEEN OF POP !

  • danny

    Isn’t she the one that did the claw gesture? Stick your hand up like a weirdo and make enough money to leave your job. Only in America would you leave your job when you become too good for someone.

  • Cheryl Helm

    In other words, Gibson wanted Gaga to keep it light and frivolous and let her take all the credit. The minute Gaga wanted to take it to the next level and add more depth to her work, Gibson bails out? Maybe it’s because she CAN’T hack it creatively when the work gets real, and she couldn’t have claimed to create what Gaga has been creating in the BTW cycle because she doesn’t understand it and/or doesn’t approve and doesn’t have the choreographic skill to handle the material. Well, she won’t have those kinds of problems with Minaj.

  • dang

    What a dry flop- Nicki’s grammy “performance” was a desperately attention-whoring stunt!

  • fairandsquare


  • fairandsquare

    Gibson is a dark character,she is jealous of Lady Gaga and was fired for disrupting Gaga’s creative process……As we all know Gaga always is fair to everyone…But Gibson was going on tv and telling people she created Gaga….We all know thats not true…Gaga had sole control over what she did and the final work….Maybe Gibson taught her a few dance moves and IF Gaga didn’t do those dance moves like she does…the dance moves wouldn’t mean s*it…..Gaga is the star and Gibson was eaten up by jealous…..Glad she’s gone…She is dangerous.

  • Nyan

    I cannot stand this woman. She thinks she’s great. She’s not. So happy she got fired.

  • wqrhui

    ummm dark??? the performance she choreographed for nicki minaj at the grammys was darker than anything gaga has done…. shes a hypocrite

    gagas better without her anyway

  • Bam

    They were lovers and the relationship ended. End of story.

  • greene

    Bam got it right…