Adam Lambert’s “Never Close Our Eyes” And “Trespassing”: Listen

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Is it May 15 yet? Adam Lambert’s sophomore album Trespassing is still a month or so away, but the Glam One is generously giving us a taste of what’s to come. While performing an acoustic set at the Bing lounge this week, Glambert performed a new track called “Never Close Our Eyes”, which was written by Bruno Mars. It’s a touching song about never wanting to sleep so you can spend all your time awake with your loved one. (In Adam’s case, that would be his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen.) Listen to Adam belt it out below, as well as a snippet of the LP’s title track.

“I wish that this night would never be over / There’s plenty of time to sleep when we die / So let’s just stay awake until we grow older / If I had my way, we’d never close our eyes,” sings Adam.

Maybe the studio recording will sound different, but this sounds absolutely nothing like a Bruno Mars song to us. Regardless, we love it even with just Adam’s voice and an acoustic guitar. We’re sure the studio version will be even more exciting.

A snippet of the title track from Adam’s new album also hit the net recently — take a listen below:

Adam Lambert – “Trespassing” (Snippet)

We’re hearing a vibe of both Queen, Michael Jackson and — dare we say, Maroon 5? — in here. How about you?

[Via MJsBigBlog]

  • Melissa Pauls

    Oh wow this album is gonna be sooooo amazing!

    Never Close Our Eyes is gorgeous, dayum Adam sings the hell out of it, and that was just an acoustic performance. LOVE LOVE LOVE how he sings eyeeeeeeeee-EYEEEEEEEEES that’s my fave, also his NEVERRRRR! The song really works with Adam’s voice, he feels authentic singing it, I think the only thing Bruno about it is that it’s a quality song — Bruno was a fantastic songwriter for other artists before he was a star himself, and he really knows how to craft a memorable lyric to a melody.

    And OMG TRESPASSING, while Never Close Our Eyes fits Adam like a glove and also seems like radio candy, Trespassing is more out of the box and srsly seems like quintessential Adam. I would love it to be played on my radio, but if not I can tell it’s gonna be a fave on my ipod while I stomp around belting it out like woah lol. FUN!

    • Janice Dodd

      I love everything he sings. He never makes a mistake. He is flawless. I hope this album is stratospheric…He deserves it. He has worked so dang hard for it…

  • Laura Corn

    I am hearing quintessential Adam in both songs. Can’t wait for May15th!

  • http://google coloforadam

    Beautiful!! Gonna love the new album (but not more that FY E).

  • HEP.

    His new track of “TRESPASSING” is so go it makes me nervous,this song has enough swagger take on U.S. radio and the world..grab hold of something or someone because this is going to be one wild ride…without a seat belt one might not survive!!

  • @GuiTintel

    “Never Close Our Eyes” has leaked in studio version and it’s really amazing! Listen here:

  • Kittyb

    Oh whaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! AMAZINGLY brilliant as always

  • Luz

    Adam Lambert is the best male singer ever. He does not have a match. He combines personality, charisma, fantastic looks, and a killer voice! He looks like the son of Elvis Presley but with a better voice.

    • Stu

      Love Adam as I do you can’t compare his voice to Elvis they are very different. For sure Adam is the modern day version.

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