Chris Brown’s New Single “Sweet Love”: Listen

“Just roll your hips and just grind on me, grind on me, grind on me,” Chris Brown implores on “Sweet Love”, one of two new singles being released off upcoming LP Fortune. Breezy takes things off the dance floor, after “Turn Up The Music”, and back to the crib — or, more specifically, the bedroom — as he asks his lady to get naked so they can make sweet love on the slinky slow jam. Hear it below.

Brown tweeted yesterday, “Real R&B and Hip Hop coming soon! ‘SWEET LOVE’ next single(R&B). ‘TILL I DIE’ next single(rap) ft @BigSean and WIZ KHALIFA!”

All the boxes are ticked here on “Sweet Love”: synthy melody; decent beat; Chris’ vocal harmonies (with just a dash of Auto Tune). That said, the ballad isn’t really the most innovative offering we’ve heard from Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” collaborator. Still, the track is (pardon the pun) breezy enough to keep radio programmers pleased this spring.

What do you think of Chris Brown’s newest single? Is it sweet and lovely, as its title suggests?