Dev & Enrique Iglesias Never Quite Meet In Their “Naked” Video

Well, perhaps the headline here is misleading. But only slightly. In their video for “Naked”, Dev and Enrique Iglesias arrive separately at the Planet Hollywood casino in Las Vegas and just keep missing out on bumping into each other. Dev walks around looking sexy with her extreme bangs before going for a ride with her girls, while Enrique gambles the hours away. Eventually they wind up on the floor at the same club.  So do they get “naked” or what? Watch below.

Dev featuring Enrique Iglesias — “Naked”

Through some tricky camera angles, we’re led to believe that Dev and the “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You)” crooner finally meet up by chance in an elevator at the end of the video. Watch closely, however, and you’ll realize they’re never shown in the same shot together.

As we noted in December, “Naked”, for all its sexy intentions, comes off as a pretty limp single. This video for the song only adds a slight amount of spice to the whole affair.

Are your getting a sexier vibe from “Naked” than we are? Let us know below!

  • John


  • dede

    Worst video made. I dont know what its all about. I love Dev, but enrique iglesias needs to look in the mirror. What happened to this guy?

  • musiclover

    Sory enrique iglesias ruined this video with Dev. Dev has a beautiful voice and is very talented. Enrique Iglesias does not! He should give it up already but he has. He should also take a happy pill! I never saw anyone look so bloody depressed looking!

  • sebastian

    enrique is the best!!