David Archuleta Says Goodbye Before Embarking On Two-Year Mormon Mission

David Archuleta will be spending the next two years in Chile as part of a mission for his church. “Wow,” tweeted the singer, “Things are really beginning to hit me. Can’t believe I’ll be leaving soon.” Before his departure, the American Idol alum took the time to record an emotional video farewell for all his fans. Watch it below. We’ll miss you, Archie!

“I’m going to miss my family, I’m going to miss to keep in touch with them, but also… I am going to miss to be able to talk to all of you, and let you know what’s going on, sharing my thoughts and weird random things that I’m doing or thinking about,” said David to his fans. “I appreciate that you guys have still been here.”

David Cook wished all the best for his Season 7 Idol friend on Twitter. “Everyone go show @DavidArchie some love. He leaves for his 2 year long mission tomorrow. Best wishes, Archie!”

  • violet4ever

    I love David’s voice and he’s a really kind and humble person. He worked really hard the last 10 weeks to make stuff to leave for fans – he was filmed in the 5-week Philippines miniseries Nandito Ako as leading man (subtitled DVDs are in the works), a classic Philippines album Forevermore (shipping now and music video real soon), and a US album of classic or inspirational songs that he finished up the day before he left. Plus some new photoshoots. He did all of that and more in 10 weeks. Gonna miss him. BTW David’s official site and many fansites like fansofdavid and archuletafanscene and more will stay open. David’s twitter is DavidArchie and his manager Kari will post any messages from David there. #DA2014 I’ll Be Here

  • Carley Wright

    I’m going to miss David so much. His tweets and vlogs always put a smile on my face.

  • Jess

    I’m going to miss him so much! But I can’t wait to get all of the new music he’s been working on and before you know it, he’ll be back. :)

  • Redial Send

    You’ve got to admit he is walking the walk. He’s got guts and he’s got conviction, and you have to respect him for that. Unlike most of the people who pay lip service about their religion and don’t live it. He’ll come back full grown. I’m looking forward to seeing that.

  • TrudyFOD

    David Archuleta’s fans will wait for David. We knew this was coming, as David made his announcement last December, and as much as we will miss David tremendously, we understand that this is something that David wanted to do. All his fans are using the saying #DA2014 … because we will wait for David as long as it takes. Also, David has left his fans with new music..he just released an OPM album called Forevermore from the Philippines and David also worked on some new music recently here in the US to release another album later this year for his fans. So even with all David had going on with his leaving for the mission, before he left he has left us fans with music now and while he is gone. David is just amazing and I will definitely be waiting for David.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victor-Atomic/1169894407 Victor Atomic

    Hope he finds what he looking for so one day he can truly be himself.

  • mary rose Llenarizas

    take care. elder david archuleta i hope you are so happy being a mormon or Lds