Katy Perry Reveals Her “Dressin’ Up” Lyric Video

When Katy Perry is out of her military garb, she wants to throw on something a bit more feminine — before throwing it right off again. Today the pop star unveiled the lyric video for her song “Dressin’ Up”, off Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection. The song is about Katy wearing some naughty costuming to get her sweetie all riled up, and includes some absolutely ridiculous lines like, “You wanna pet my kitty? You’re such a dirty doggie” and “My cookie monster wants a taste test”. (At least those lyrics are better than anything in the Teenage Dream leftover track “Milk Milk Lemonade”, which was wisely left off the album’s reissue.) Watch the lyric video below.

Katy Perry – “Dressin’ Up” (Lyric Video)

[Via MTV Buzzworthy]