ABC Wants To Cover Up Madonna’s Breasts In Her “Truth Or Dare” Ad

Madonna is still managing to stir up controversy with her overt sexiness, even at 53 years old. The “Girl Gone Wild” singer’s black-and-white ad for her new fragrance “Truth Or Dare” has been deemed inappropriate by ABC censors to air on the network. Execs for the Disney-owned channel have ordered for Madonna’s breasts and derriere be covered up for the racy commercial to be broadcast.

“ABC viewed the ad [and] came back with a list of changes,” a source told the NY Post. “They say they want her bra digitally made bigger, and to extend higher to cover more of her chest, and her corset longer to cover more of her bottom. ABC also wants to cut another suggestive scene where Madonna writhes around.”

Madonna’s team hoped to run her commercial during ABC’s shows GCB and Scandal, but even with the proposed changes, the network will only air the ad after 9 p.m. (with the only exception being during daytime talk show The View).

Madge’s “Girl Gone Wild” video was also deemed too sexual for YouTube viewers of all ages, and had to be re-edited to lose the “18 and older” rating on the video-sharing site.

The singer will no doubt make the changes in order to promote her very first fragrance, but honestly, good for Madonna for being hot enough to be considered too sexy 30+ years into her career.

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