Mark Foster, Kimbra & A-Trak Do Battle In Their “Warrior” Video

We were aware that Converse’s latest lineup for the footwear company’s Three Artists. One Song series is Mark Foster of Foster The People, “Somebody That I Used To Know” songstress Kimbra and Canadian DJ A-Trak, but little did we know that the video for synthy jam “Warrior”, the musical fruit of their labor, would be such a trippy homage to Mexican wrestling. Head below to watch this unlikely trio get their lucha libre on. In the video, a bound Kimbra sings “just wrestle me down, wrestle me down, wrestle me down” while her masked cohorts do just that. The only problem is that Mark Foster and A-Trak are getting their butts kicked in the ring, individually, while a plump crime boss-type character oversees the fights.

However, when Kimbra gives the signal, Mark and A-Trak tag team the boss and throw him down onto the mat to face the legion of wrestlers. Guess we don’t need to mention that our heroes are all wearing Converse shoes in the clip?

To our ears, while Kimbra is the lead singer on “Warrior”, it clearly sounds like it could have been another track on Foster The People’s excellent Torches LP. So we’re guessing Mark Foster penned the tune, while A-Trak provided some additional beats and melodies.

Wrestle up your thoughts on “Warrior” and put them below!