Jennifer Lopez’s “Dance Again” Video Premieres

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If the glittering orgy-in-a-perfume-bottle video concept for her new Red One-produced, Pitbull-guesting club anthem “Dance Again” is in any way autobiographical, Jennifer Lopez wants you to know that she’s really over being married. Because “dance again”? Come on, it’s a metaphor for doing it, you guys!

The video opens with the message: “Always remember… You will live / You will love / You will dance again”, which may be a reference to her divorce from Marc Anthony. Though their break didn’t appear contentious — the pair are reuniting for their upcoming reality singing competition ¡Q’Viva! — JLo fully embraces her single status, falling into a swarm of writhing half-naked bodies at the bottom of a bottle of her signature scent Glowing. She spots her real-life boyfriend, dancer Casper Smart, and the two unite for a risque dance duet — which again, metaphor.

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  • MusicManDave

    This video matches the song and is sizzling Hot!

  • MJforever

    This video would’ve been a lot better if Casper weren’t in it.

  • supermariah

    hot hot..better than madge..

  • Yonose

    Hay nena, not again.. Career suicide

  • nano

    i think its a bad kylie remake

  • Tom O’Sullivan

    I don’t think it does the song justice … but its still a hot video! … and it looks a lot like marina and the diamonds when jlo’s in the glitter :P

  • Harsh But True

    Jennifer Lopez Just GO AWAY!! No One Cares About You Any More. All Her Music Is Generic Dance Music Or She Does Something Latin Which We Have Seen Before, Jennifer Is Not Very Original At All!! *Yawn*