Nicki Minaj, Have You Been Raiding Lady Gaga’s Wardrobe? (PHOTOS)

Fresh off of performing “Starships” (the song you’re guaranteed to hear at least three times on your car radio before arriving at your destination) on the Today show, Nicki Minaj was spotted greeting fans and signing autographs before heading back to her hotel. While the rapper is known for her borderline cartoonish apparel and never-ending supply of colorful wigs, today (April 6) the Harajuku Barbie’s ensemble appeared to have come straight from Lady Gaga’s closet. (Did the Mother Monster hold a garage sale during her media blackout?) Check out Nicki as she continues her Roman Reloaded NYC media blitz while decked out in black mesh and studded leather and tell us if you’re hoping the “Champion” will return to her flashy, multicolored fashion roots.