Drake Drops Two New Videos: “Take Care” With Rihanna & “HYFR” With Lil Wayne

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Drake just doubled our pleasure, doubled our fun. The rapper decided to drop the visuals for both his tracks “Take Care” and “HYFR” at the same time. Obviously, we need to watch his collaboration with Rihanna on his album’s title track first. But after devouring Drizzy and RiRi’s chilly clip, hop below to watch Drake be re-Bar Mitzvah-ed in his “HYFR” video with Lil Wayne. (At least we think that’s Weezy under that panda mask.)

The video for “Take Care”, directed by French film whiz Yoann Lemoine, floats through eerie and beautiful imagery, including a bull, a tropical fish and a bluejay filmed in slow-motion HD photography. Drake and Rihanna, former flames themselves, are seen in a tight embrace, clinging to one another. Even if you’re not exactly sure what’s going on, it’s a deeply moving clip.

And then there’s “HYFR”, pretty much the polar opposite of “Take Care” — not that we’re complaining. Just in time for Passover, the Joseph Labisi-directed vid begins with actual footage of lil Aubrey Graham at his Bar Mitzvah. (Wow, he was a tiny 13-year-old!) The Jewish rapper throws himself another Bar Mitzvah to re-commit himself to Judaism, and with all that cash from sales of both Thank Me Later and Take Care, you better believe it is a par-tay. Oh, what we would give to have a t-shirt that reads “I Got Wasted At Drake’s Bar Mitzvah!”

Drake feat. Lil Wayne – “HYFR”


These two videos couldn’t be more different, and yet they are two of the most memorable, entertaining clips to come out this year. Well done and mazel tov, Drizzy! 

  • Miss Fancye

    Honestly, the abstractness of “Take Care” was lost on me, I was expecting more chemistry between the pair like in “What’s My Name?” – check out my full review at “I’m Just Saying” http://wp.me/p1JLVp-15R

    Miss Fancye

  • hiphopwasneverdead

    I’m really disappointed with the ‘Take Care’ video. It seems really low-budget and “safe.” The white backgrounds/lack of color is boring. The “HYFR” video is awesome, though.

  • John

    Dear Rihanna,
    stop acting like an innocent whore in every video, do something, give us some energy in accordance with the theme of the song. Drake did good job in this video.

  • Barbie

    The hyfr video was great!