Nicki Minaj On ‘Nightline’: Don’t Compare Her To Lady Gaga (Watch)

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Nicki Minaj has racked up fans around the world, both young (see: Sophia Grace Brownlee) and old. But make no mistake: her act isn’t necessarily one for kiddies.  “I don’t want to offend moms or their children, like when they come pay their money to see a show,” the “Starships” singer/rapstress told Nightline‘s Juju Chang. “But I didn’t come in the game to be an artist that appealed to kids, either.” She also didn’t get into the biz to simply be compared to Lady Gaga, which happens quite often. So does that bother her? “Offend me? No. Irks me? Yeah,” Minaj told Chang. “First of all, I’m a rapper. First of all, I’m from southside Jamaica, Queens. What are the similarities?”

To prove her point on the Gaga comparisons, Nicki  turned the tables on Juju. “Why don’t I turn the cameras around on you?” she asked. When Chang suggested that perhaps its the wigs that people see as a similarity, Minaj said, “Every female in this game wears wigs… It’s getting tired now to me. At first I was like, okay, it’s cool. Ha ha, when they get to know me, they’ll understand me. Gaga’s a fantastic artist. You know, she’s paved her way. She’s opened her own lane. But I feel like I have my own lane. And we never cross, ever!”

The diva, whose sophomore LP Roman Reloaded was released last week, went on to describe what it was like to grow up in a household where she witnessed what she says was “a lot” of violence at the hands of her formerly-crack-addicted father.

“My father was abusive. It would be like a real bad outburst and we were afraid for [my mother's] life,” Nicki recounted. “Because whenever he would have a real bad outburst, he would threaten to kill her… I wanted to kill him. I wished he was dead.”

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  • Elijah

    It would be a lot easier for Nicki to dismiss the Gaga comparisons if she hadn’t recently brought on Laurieann Gibson and RedOne, two people extremely influential in Gaga’s career, to help her on PF:RR.

  • Harsh But True

    The Similarities Nicki Minaj Is That You Copy Gaga’s Music, You Copy What Gaga Wears And You Try And Act Weird To Make You Self Seem Like Gaga, But What You Dont Know Is When Gaga Is In Interviews She Acts Normal And Gaga Seems Like A Nice, Down To Earth Woman, Unlike You Cause Your Fake!!

    • MJforever

      Correction: It isn’t Gaga who she copies. It’s the Queen B herself, Lil’ Kim who’s the true victim of plagiarism. lol

  • Naomi

    @HarshButTrue How does Nicki copy Gaga’s music? They’re both different genres.

    • lacy

      shes added pop hooks to her singles now because she knows her rap cant stand alone for people to like it

      • Naomi

        But doesn’t every mainstream artist do that? For example, Beyonce, Usher, and Chris Brown also transition into pop music sometimes.

        • lacy

          yeah but theyre not known as rappers
          minaj is a rapper and that is what she considers herself yet she is now switching into pop because her rap isnt accepted by parents and kids who dont like the adult material in her songs and its not hardcore enough for true hip hop lovers
          so its a lose lose for her so she is not trying to gain fans by incorporating pop choruses and hooks into her “rap” songs – whats funny is that in live performances she raps the verses sure but she cant actually “sing” the pop hooks and choruses well

  • TallStack

    @Naomi – you don’t think she’s trying to compete with Gaga with songs like Starships? she’s a can hardly consider herself a ‘rapper’ anymore.

    ps, so funny that she denied copying Gaga during an interview while she was dressed in a very Gaga outfit.

  • Naomi

    @TallStack Starships sounds like any current song on the radio right now. I used to be a fan of Nicki, but she is starting to irritate me a little.

  • Rose

    Who isn’t she trying to copy? She needs to find a style of her own instead of copying everyone else’s ie: Lil Kim, Lady Gaga etc. Old news soon. She doesn’t sound like a rapper to me she is all pop queen. Not hip hop sorry!

  • josh

    Lady gaga is a gimmicky try-hard who isnt original in any of the faucets of her own career haha, its extremely ironic that people are suggesting her as the standard from which others imitate, honestly what is this?

    • jeebus

      *facet lol smart fail

    • lacy

      shes raised the bar now in 2008 when she came on the scene she dressed in eccentric fashion and brought dance music back to the chart’s forefront
      and ever since katy perry, rihanna, and nicki have started trying to be weird wearing cubes on their heads and coloring their hair pink and blue – gaga didnt invent performance art and schock art – but she made it a trend and now her competitors are copying her

  • chrisd

    just like she has voices for all her ‘personalities’ she has a voice specifically for bullsh*ting. watch her interviews and it won’t be hard to notice. former fan.

  • Jason

    You can tell she didn’t know what to say with the over the top costumes comment.

  • Scott

    I love Nicki, but seriously? First of all, she (and every other pop star) started dressing outrageously right after Gaga came on the scene. Second of all, she has recruited two of Gaga’s biggest collaborators for her new album and recent performances. Third of all, she showed up to this interview literally dressed up in a Lady Gaga costume.

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks. She gives a lot of much-deserved credit to Madonna for blazing a trail, but Gaga has blazed the trail for her just as much. (And for those saying that Gaga is a Madonna copycat, Gaga doesn’t mimic Madonna NEARLY as much as Nicki does Gaga.) Again, I love Nicki, but she should just take the comparisons as a compliment and not get so defensive about it.

    • Alvin

      ok, i am just trying to correct a few things in your response, actually not EVERY pop star is trying to dress like gaga, and there are exceptions like Britney and many other. I agree that katy and some other female pop singers changed their dressing style to a way that is quite similar to gaga’s though.

  • Raul

    I used to like Nicki’s music but ever since she switched to pop I feel she’s copied all of Gaga’s antics and fyi Rihanna never blended some Lady gaga

  • Michaela

    When Lady Gaga started, everybody said “she’s copying Maddonna!” or “She’s copying Grace Jones!”

    And before Gaga, people said that Maddonna was copying Marylin Monroe.

    Yes, in a way, they copy other people visually. They look at artists they admire and try to use a flair of that in their own art.

    But isn’t life about copying? If we did not copy our parents and learn to walk, talk, eat, etc, we wouldn’t be alive!

    Almost every pop song has one of a handful of chord progressions.
    Most disney movies have a similiar plot line.

    Why is that? Because it works, and people respond to something that works, that they can connect to.

    Nicki Minaj came from nothing and worked hard to be where she’s at.

    And, just like you or me, she’s trying to do the best she can with what she has.

    Imagine if your life was constantly filmed and criticized; people would probably have an assortment of things to say about you, too :)

    If you don’t like her, don’t comment! :)