Madonna’s ‘MDNA’ Set For Major Second-Week Drop In Sales?

Madonna‘s MDNA sailed into the peak position on Billboard‘s Top 200 last week, but Forbes is crying foul and declaring that Lionel Richie, whose Tuskegee was #2,  is owed an apology. The publication reports that MDNA is set to have the largest second-week sales drop — 88%, to be exact — in chart history. According to Forbes‘ Roger Friedman, the bulk of Madge’s first-week sales tied in to concert ticket purchases “artificially inflated Madonna’s numbers, putting her first before Lionel Richie and his Tuskegee album.” And while Tuskegee sold another 110,000 copies over the past week, MDNA moved a mere 46,000, claims Friedman. (Billboard will post official chart figures tomorrow.) “I do think that all the people involved in the Madonna ticket-CD deal should apologize to Richie for denying him his rightful place at number 1, starting with Billboard and SoundScan,” says the writer. Do you agree?

  • Ariel Echeverria

    what about internet sales, she sold a lot in itunes, breaking records!!

  • Mike Killmon

    I think the Forbes writer should apologize for bad journalism.

  • MJforever

    Apparently, the writer hasn’t checked ticketmaster enough. The “opt-in” offer for the CD includes a higher price than a regular ticket. So technically, it isn’t cheating.

    On another note, charts are irrelevant, as nobody buys records, anymore. Touring is where the money’s at.

    Last but not least, is billboard counting iTunes pre-orders? Let alone Forbes?

  • Eric

    All these Madonna stans are so upset that their queen can no longer sell like she used to… to the point of denying statistical fact. Pathetic.

    • MJforever

      With all due respect, most people around the world bought MDNA on day one (pre-orders and official release). Also, it wasn’t up for 99 cents like Born this Way. And about concert tix, it was an opt-in offer which included a more expensive package.

      One more thing: MDNA is still a global phenomenon. Besides, Madonna isn’t about the charts anymore, but for tours.

  • shle896

    That may be the case here in the U.S., but globally speaking, Madonna has already sold 750,000 albums and continues to stay in the Top 5 in numerous countries around the world. This was the case with her last album “Hard Candy”, but worldwide it was the 11th biggest album of 2008. Never mind that she’s selling out arenas all over the world and is even adding shows to a lot of major cities.

    Besides, since when does record sales = quality of an album? It’s her 12th album and she can’t always release one that sells like “Like A Virgin” here in the U.S., where the charts are full of total junk from 15-year old Disney singers and unmemorable urban/hip-hop-rap stuff. I don’t get why everybody holds Madonna to a different standard because if it was ANYBODY else, this album would already be deemed a HUGE success, even if it didn’t sell one more copy.

    So, just to be clear. #1 last week, #8 this week = FAIL? Really? What a JOKE.

  • me

    Turn Up The Radio!

  • Blu Davii

    Madonna lost her creativity and love for the music her MDNA has the worst stupid Cheesy Lyrics i ever heard

  • a25

    1) Madonna fans : MDNA sold more than 2 million copies on pre-sales alone.
    2) Madonna fans : MDNA didn’t sold 2 mil but it will slay BTW on the first week sales because of the Super Bowl promo.
    3) Madonna fans: MDNA didn’t outsold BTW, not even close but it didn’t had promo.
    4) Madonna fans after the second week sales: Madonna is not here for the sales but for the tour. I can imagine them crying after the tour fails because this era was a flop.