Selena Gomez Shows Off Her Perfume Line — Also Named Selena Gomez

Apr 11th, 2012 // 3 Comments

If you can’t be Justin Bieber‘s number one gal, you can at least smell like her. Selena Gomez‘s new fragrance (which, you may recall, was voted by her fans) is finally prepped for its official launch. The Spring Breakers star energetically shared a photo via Instagram of herself with her perfume’s purple packaging, with the message: “Ahhh it’s so purrty.. So excited, nervous and hyper”. The long purple bottle is topped off with a golden cap that is literally bursting with kisses, perhaps topping Justin’s Someday for Girliest Perfume Design Of The Decade. Get an up close look of Selena Gomez by (who else?) Selena Gomez below.

 Are you planning on spritzing yourself with Selena Gomez when it hits the shelves of Macy’s this May? 


  1. maissa

    it’s good this perfume

  2. maissa

    I love you miley cyrus selena gomez and justin bieber

  3. Orlando
    Commented on this photo:

    For Gustav Mahler: It said that with us the beautiful are not cleevr and the cleevr are not beautiful, and that the best of our moments are marred by a little vulgarity, or by a needle-prick out of sad recollection, and that the fiddle must ever lament about it all. It said that if only they who live in the Golden Age could die we might be happy, for the sad voices would be still; but they must sing and we must weep until the eternal gates swing open.

  4. natalie karayanni

    hi selena my name is natalie im the big fan for you but im so sad becouse i didnt own your perfum
    please selena we want your perfum in isreal

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