Adam Lambert’s “Never Close Our Eyes”: Listen

Like previous single “Better Than I Know Myself”, ‘s latest Trespassing offering “Never Close Our Eyes” features production by Dr. Luke (along with Bruno Mars, who also co-wrote the tune). But where “Better Than” seemed a somewhat odd choice for both radio and a lead single in general — a ballad in these times of upbeat dance-pop — “Never Close Our Eyes” should satiate the needs of fans and programmers alike.

First of all, we were sold on the hand claps alone. (We’ve always had a weak spot for them, you see.) And while the song boasts the slickest pop production since “Moves Like Jagger”, the selling point is, as usual, Adam’s angelic rocker vocals, which soar above and loop through the melody with ease.

“I wish that this night would never be over, there’s plenty of time to sleep when we die,” Lambert’s haunting voice croons in the intro to “Never Close Our Eyes”. Funny, we have a feeling we’ll be saying the same thing, Adam, when we finally get to play the new album. (Get the full lyrics to Adam Lambert’s “Never Close Our Eyes”.)

How eager are you for Trespassing (out May 15) now that you’ve heard Adam’s latest single? Let us know below, or by hitting us up on Twitter and Facebook!

  • Melissa Pauls

    Wow Adam wasn’t kidding when he said this song hits hard, between his crazy amazing voice and that sick beat, this is sooooo my new fave jam!

  • Roger Kramjet

    AMAZING! I LOVE Adam’s voice and this song is BRILLIANT!

  • JLM

    Great tune!! His voice just chills me through and through – LOVE IT!!

  • Jill

    Pure vocal heaven!! The most insanely talented entertainer of this generation.

  • Kris

    I was hoping for Trespassing-loved his performance at the NNN Awards. But after hearing the official version of NCOE, OMG! Adam & co. couldn’t have chosen better. A winner. I love it!

  • barb

    This is just an amazing journey in vocal prowless. I think Adam made the right doubt about it. Dancing right now!

  • Carly

    Hope this song achieves the goals set for it.

  • Theresa Dailey

    Absolutely LOVE this song … ADAM makes you swoon with pleasure … I can’t wait for TRESPASSING to be released … Never stop listening to NCOE … that’s for sure!! Thanx ADAM .. Bruce et al. GREAT JOB!!


  • Tyra Brown

    Love this song!!! Fell in love with the acoustic versions, have 3 versions of it in my iPod and phone. And I knew the second single would be a tossup between hitmaker Pharrell’s produced Trespassing and uber hitmaker Bruno Mars’ penned Never Close Our Eyes! Would have been happy with either one, but I’m overjoyed with this single!!! It’s fantastic!! My finger that works the replay button loves it too!

  • Mayra Sofia Olivares Galan

    Leave it to Bruno and Luke to produce something amazing! The only thing I prayed was that neither of them would auto-tune Adam’s voice because that would be blasphemy and i would be mad. His voice should not be auto-tuned. Ever. I really love this song. AND NOW I WANT HIS CD. A month and 3 days to go!!! Good job, boys. :)

    • kat23

      actually…this song is co-wrote…by adam and bruno…produced by dr. luke

  • HEP.

    ADAM LAMBERT has a voice like no other artist working today in music…I hope this song and his new album is a giant hit here and around the world…in a industry of full of fakes and wannabees,it is nice to be reminded what a real singer can do…talent still matters and ADAM LAMBERT has that by the truckloads!!

  • Mark Daniel Snyder

    Sounds very very much like Seal’s dance album songs on System – a hugely underrated and underheard album.

  • Guest

    this song is bangin! wanna hear it my rrraaaaaddddioooooo!

  • Brian

    “I Wish This Song Would Never Be Over”

  • joeyrizla

    amazin vocals I love adam