Adam Lambert’s “Never Close Our Eyes”: Review Revue

The release of ‘s new album Trespassing is still a month away, but the Glam One whetted his fans’ appetites by unleashing second single “Never Close Our Eyes” yesterday. The pulsing dance-pop jam, produced by Dr. Luke and written by Bruno Mars, was met with glowing reviews for the most part, as critics praised the song for being a much better offering than previous single “Better Than I Know Myself”. Head below to see our roundup of how the Internet at large weighed in on Adam’s latest, then let us know your own thoughts on “Never Close Our Eyes”!

:: Fuse praises the song for being “a satisfying negotiation between an electro-pop banger and romantic anthem. It’s the kind of song that’s tailored both for the dance floor and at home/in the car sing-alongs.”

:: MTV Buzzworthy gushes, “Set to a pop-rooted dance beat, Adam’s rock-tinged pipes carry the entire song as he sings about staying awake 24/7 to enjoy the hell out of his life.”

:: chimes in with this: “The electro-bassed tune gets down and around with guitar strings and a fast pace beat… The dance-pop ballad starts off heavenly with soft piano in the background before the synthesizer kicks in.”

:: Neon Limelight also likes what it hears: “Grammy winning singer/songwriter Bruno Mars penned the song’s honest lyrics, and Adam makes them all soar with his impeccable vocals.”

:: Says Chart Rigger, “For his second Trespassing single, Adam Lambert was given a Bruno Mars-penned song from 2010. Thankfully, ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ is more ‘total jam’ than tired leftover.”

:: The Prophet Blog gives the Glam One props for staying true to himself: “Overall it’s not the absolute best thing that Adam’s ever done, but it’s head and shoulders above a lot of today’s radio-dance, and there aren’t many artists who can be so blatantly Top Forty while retaining their individuality like Adam can.”

:: PopCrush credits the other two pop forces behind the song: “The track features a hint of Luke’s up-tempo dance sound while retaining Mars’ melodic pop sensibility.”

:: Clickmusic prefers this single over Adam’s previous one: “‘Never Close Our Eyes’ is an electronic dance-ballad with bite, despite the standard Dr Luke tempo treatment, and it’s a far superior song to Lambert’s first cut.”

What are your own thoughts on Adam’s new single? Let us know below, or by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter!

  • Roger Kramjet

    LOVE Adam Lambert and his new song is banging!

    • glamity58

      Love it even though I’m not a big fan of the techno pop stuff. His vocals are great. Wait until you hear the rest of the album. It is going to be great.

  • Guest

    I personally would love to hear this on my radio… lots of driving in my life and although I use my ipod adapter a lot because the mindnumbing rotation of such a short playlist becomes to much to take sometimes, I can say that I would love to hear this song pop up on my radio while in the car, at work or at home. Whatevs, regardless, this dude is criminally talented and his level of talent can’t be denied. Wish Dj’s or even program/music direcctors had more influence over their own playlists nowadays, because they seem to get Lambert’s brilliance. One doesn’t have to love everything about Lambert, but dude’s got vocals and musicanship to die for.

  • adamluv1000

    “What are your own thoughts on Jennifer’s new single? Let us know below, or by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter!” WHAT DOES THIS LAST SENTENCE OF YOURS HAVE TO DO WITH ADAM LAMBERT? Maybe you forgot to change it from another article or you were looking at the pic of her and her boyfriend while writing an article on Adam?? LOL Anyway, this should probably be changed.

    I think Adam’s new song is great and can’t wait to hear it on the radio. If the djs don’t play this song, then we know there is something wrong. It sounds just like all the other radio songs, but with Adam’s better vocals. I love Trespassing more but like this song also. Very excited for the album release. There are going to be so many good songs on it. Looking forward to Shady also.

    • Robbie Daw

      Ha ha! OOPS! Yes, that last line was brought over from our LAST Review Revue, on J.Lo’s new single. Thanks for the catch!

  • Sharon Miller Sullivan

    Love how critics overly praise cheezy pop songs and their singers then when an absolute Sure Fire Winner song is released they find fault or down play it. This article is just that and the writer shows certain bias by only showing a few comments by other critics making it look far less brilliant than it is. Also most critics and listeners think it is the best work Adam has done to date. I have to agree but do believe his best work will get even better if that is possible.

  • Mel

    Regarding the “Jennifer” thing, lol, I don’t exactly which Jennifer you’re talking about, but if it’s Lopez’s… with all due respect “meh”, soooo aint nothin special. Best thing about it is Pitbull, who rocks on it! But, heavy sigh, it’ll instant mad radio play, when it’s so less stellar than other deserving songs, and I’m by no means just talking about Lambert. Although, Lambert’s BTIKM was a very Top 40 and HAC friendly song, no need for it to have not gotten decent spins, none whatsoever. Hey guess what radio peeps, you gotta give something a little bit of a chance to catch the attention of the listening audience. I am only 32, I love Lambert, because I have the wisdom from age to know great talent when I see it (totally post-Idol btw) but I have a 16 year old neice with good taste who loves Lambert, and she feels if her friends simply heard him more on top 40 radio they would def get into him. The current hits are not hits because of fans calling in or anything else, they are, in part, hits because after much rotation they do indeed get more and more interest in them and resulting digital downloads etc. There was simply no need for BTIKM to have struggled so much to get spins, it was completely radio friendly, it wasn’t boring at all, I liked it better than Gavin DeGraw’s hit, not that they are totally similar, but they weren’t dissimilar. Anyway, blah blah blah, hope NCOE gets some spins, but unfortunately the dj’s and pd/md’s don’t even get much choice in the matter themselves nowadays, certainly not the dj’s who are, as I read on another blog, basically only on-air talent nowadays. Whatevs, Lambert will sell downloads and tix worldwide, and so we’ll be able to get new music from him in the future…most important thing.

    • Janet Marie Bilicki

      I agree with you Mel. There is no reason BTIKM didn’t get more spins. I hate the music world and radio makes me crazy. I’d rather listen to CDs or buy satellite radio. The same old people are played time and again. I hope Adam gets a fighting chance on this song. I do like it although I’m not a fan of the techno sound under his voice on the chorus. I will buy it and hope it sells well. I can’t wait for the album.

      No comment on JLo except, get real…..25 year old boyfriend and that video? And no doubt she’ll get much more airplay than a true vocalist like Lambert will.

  • Sharon Miller Sullivan

    Re: Jennifer’s new single. I don’t like her at all and she is not a good singer. She’s all fluff and autotune Queen. She uses sex to sell records. What happen to good ole vocal talent. I thin the problem is the general public has come to except mediocre talent as good rather than demand better quality singing and stop buying this crap until they do. JLo is just another diva who can’t sing live. She almost always lip synchs. Very sad isn’t it.

  • Leslie

    Mel….I have to totally disagree with you about the fans not requesting. I know for a fact they we have requested the crap out of BTIKM & still do. Radio just won’t pick it up. I’m in the NYC metro area, and we have at least 6 stations who should be playing it. Only one has been occasionally playing , and that’s at 3 or 4 in the morning. They just wouldn’t give it a chance. So, I really take issue with it being called a flop when it wasn’t even given a chance. And, I happen to be one of those who absolutely loves the song. And, I do agree with you that it’s so much better than much of the crap being played on Top 40 right now.

    I also love NCOE, and believe me, I didn’t love every song on FYE, and only started to like them more after seeing Adam perform them live.

    When a clip of JLo’s new video was shown on Idol last week, I was seriously embarrassed for her, it’s just so bad. But, I’m just so over the divas selling sex rather than music. RiRi is no different with her 1-line song, We Found Love, which has a great beat, but the same stupid lyric over & over again throughout the whole song. And (ducking here), but Bey is no different. For someone who actually does have talent, Bey’s songs are crap.

    Anyway, from the snippets we’ve heard from Adam’s new CD, I’m genuinely impressed and absolutely loving all but one…not disliking it (Naked Love), just not really feeling it. But, I really think this album will be a game-changer for him if people (and radio) will put their preconceived notions aside and just enjoy the music.

  • Terry

    Pop Crush does not just “credit the other two pop forces”. They write that it “feels like an Adam Lambert song” and that “Lambert pushes into the upper reaches of his vocal range throughout the track”. So they credit ADAM for his vocals and interpretation AND also Bruno and Dr Luke. Your statement is misleading and makes it sound like they left Adam out altogether.

    As for the spins at radio for BTIKM (which I think is better than NCOE lyrically) – many DJ’s commented that regardless of how many requests etc they got for the song, their PROGRAM MANAGERS/DIRECTORS REFUSED TO LET IT BE PUT ON ROTATION. By and large DJ’s LOVED the track and could offer no explanation for their Managers attitude. Your guess is as good as mine as to why these “directors” would take such an obstinate stand against Adam’s perfectly good BTIKM single. Let’s see if they do the same with this pretty but cliche pop tune that has Bruno Mars name plastered all over it.

    • Yvette

      When I called KISS FM in Milwaukee to request BTIKM, the DJ said, in a rude way, “Oh that might be laying around here somewhere”!! What an ASS! WTF was he saying?? WHY?? In all my life, I have NEVER heard a singer as jaw-dropping talented as Adam Lambert…and LIVE…Just mind boggleling insane vocals that saturate your SOUL! The memories of every concert live in me…and it was truely a spiritual experience! I’ve seen the greatest Voice bands live..Styx, Journey, Queen, Pat Benetar, Heart..too many to count..and NO ONE CAN COMPETE WITH ADAM LAMBERT..Just a FACT!..
      So it will be up to us FANS to Power the ride and not give up…and REQUEST his songs~ fill his concerts and buy his CDs…Just do it!

  • Oscar

    I am a huge fan of Adam Lamnbert and hate that the 2nd single released from Trespassing is this “Never Close our Eyes” song written by Bruno Mars and produced by Dr. Luke. While I get that the they are trying to make sales, this song does nothing to highlight Adam’s incredible vocals.

    • Terry

      I really wanted them to release Trespassing. It’s a banging track, strong beat, massively fun to dance & sing along with, great lyrics and ADAM WROTE IT. There were two other Adam-original tracks in the mix – Cuckoo & Naked Love – both of which are better than NCOE. Instead they chose to go with the second of only 3 or 4 tracks on the album not written by Adam. Seems his label lack faith in Adam as a song-writer sadly.

      • Yvette

        I disagree…NCOE is going to be an Epic Dance hit and played on the radio and in the CLUBS…this makes a HIT…There are sooooo many great songs on trespassing..if WE AS FANS REQUEST EVERYDAY to the radio stations…they will have to respond!! They snubbed Adam with FYE when every song was better then any song on the radio…WE THE FANS CAN’T let them do it again…We are a strong close Powerful Glamily…If Katy and the rest can release a whole can Adam…We can make it happen!

        • Terry

          What are you disagreeing with? I didn’t say it wouldnt be a hit. It probably will. There’s a lot of fluffy cliche rubbish songs in the charts so this has every chance of being right up there with the rest of it, not the least because Adam’s vocals are awesome on it. That’s not my point. I’m saying Adam’s management lack faith in him and that his OWN songs were better than this one. That still stands whether or not the NCOE song Adam DIDN’T write is a dance floor hit. I hope the industry gets behind Adam too. Not because he’s released some nice BM pop candy, but because he’s the best male vocalist the world has seen in a LONG LONG time.

  • cheesehead

    I agree that Trespassing should have been the second single. Better Than I Know Myself features Adam’s beautiful vocal range. I have tried to get my local top 40 station to play this song but they said it depended upon the number of requests they get. I looks to me that it will be up to Adam’s wonderful and devoted fans to get the word out about our guy and to keep buying his music. Seeing him in concert….now that’s another story. No one like him anywhere.

  • Yvette

    OMG..NCOE WILL BE AN EPIC HIT!!!~or the music industry is BRAIN DEAD and full of Crap!!! They are not playing BTIKM in Milwaulee at all….when Adam has fans requesting…I will not stand for any more Adam snubbing…Adam is without question the most EXCITING~PHENOMENAL~SINGER on the planet and everything he has put on CD is better then anything on the Radio! Fans..EVERYONE~~Start the Storm~break down the walls and let’s make Adam the Iconic Star he is menat to be!!

  • Luke Easton

    Adam Lambert imo is the most exciting thing music has seen since the beetles. But adam needs a too 40 hit to build momentum, than he can experiement. Its about his label having a lack of faith in adam, I think its sound strategy. Their are alot of logistics and strings to be pulled, than just oh lets release this. Especially seeing adams so unique in the pop industry, its harder to make it on radio. Remember what fans want to hear is not neccesarily what radio wants or what well be successfull. Ncoe is more upbeat and uptempo than btikm. Btikm was too cliched, and in genre it was too HAC and not enough contemporary. Ncoe sounds current, and what radio is eating up e.t.c. We found love in a hopless place by Rhianna. Adam should be as big as gaga, infact he should be bigger, he has the potential to be bigger than mj and elvis, just give him time once he wins over radio, the masses inside and outside the idol bubble who still associate this reality stigma with adam, and obviousley the industry he is going to become a universal world icon. Obviousley breaking away from that reality stigma, is having a huge mainstream billboard top 40 hit.

  • vamosamy

    I love Adam,I never thought he’s better than this or that,he still has to build his carreer,still grow and show to what level he can get and he wants to get. The first single was boring to me but I know the album will be a great album and much better than the first one. The comparison with Timberlake..the guy’s a fine dancer and he plays instruments too. Very different from Adam. Adam sings a million times better. they’re just totally different.

  • Margaret Tombs

    It’s criminal the way Adam is treated by the Radio, I don’t understand why the charts are measured by radio spins in the first place, it opens the whole system up to corruption and does not in any was show how popular an artist or a record is, the only thing that can do that is sales, if people are willing to put their money down for a song that means something, not whether some powerful individual at a radio station will allow a song to be played.
    The difference radio makes is in promotion. If charts were made on sales the influence of radio would still be felt in that way, as they are here in the UK, but it’s better than basing the charts on the taste of the suits in Radio.

  • guest

    I constantly read these reports that the management team on radio refuses to play Adam’s music.But no one answers WHY! Is it personal? What’s the story?

  • Cristy Everywhere

    I raally like the song and I also liked the first single “Better Than I Know Myself”. Adam’s voice can make anything sound good and I want to hear him on the radio and everywhere.

  • Mal

    The answer I got once (which is completely circular reaoning) is they play the “Core Artists” –you know those of the Katy Perry, Bieber, Britney, GAGA group who automatically get played–So how does Adam get to be a “core artist” if you don’t even play his music?. Yeah, they play those “core artists” to death. I used to love Adele’s songs but I am so sick of hearing them now I turn them off. That Rihanna song with Calvin Harris–I could turn to any station at any time and hear it–over and over.
    BTIKM was NOT GIVEN A FAIR CHANCE. All that promo Adam did and how the DJs gushed over him and then you never heard the song after the day he appeared at their station-makes me sick. Adam’s fans should not give up because there is an unfair agenda here and it should be called out for its unfairness. I hope when he gets that hit-that he doesn’t bother to interview with any of those stations who never gave him support. But you know he will because he is always a gentleman.

  • Mal

    sorry for the typo–I was kind of ticked when I wrote it. Should read

  • JLM

    Lucky enough to be at the Jimmy Kimmel mini concert last night and Adam puts such an awesome rock edge to all his songs and his voice just blows your mind. LOVED this song LIVE!!! Just a great tune.

  • Joan

    How can we get radio play for Adam’s new singles. I’ve emailed often I’m north near Canadian border and Virgin 95.3 said he hasn’t sent it yet. Seattle stations aren’t playing him. How about trying Twitter trend?