OK Go Pop Out 3D “White Knuckles” Video

By: Nicole Sia / April 13, 2012

Not content to revolutionize the music video space in present day, OK Go have re-released their 2010 video “White Knuckles” retrofit with a few high-tech bells and whistles. The original clip — a one-shot cut that featured the choreographic talents of the band and some furry four-legged friends — was shot in both 2D and eye-popping 3D. The 3D version was rolled out in a system update for the Nintendo 3DS in early 2011 and was available on the portable video game system for a limited time. The band made the version available for 3D-optional viewing on their YouTube channel on Thursday (Apr. 12). But don’t worry, James Cameron: These aren’t Oscar-worthy effects. Instead, grab your red-and-blue shades and watch it above.